Teavana Joy Review – Guest Post on Up The Rollercoaster

Teavana Joy tea Review 2015

Teavana Joy tea Review 2015

When Jodi from Up The Rollercoaster was looking for guest posts, I thought it would be a great time to pick up some new teas to review since we share a love of tea.  At the time I was all “yay an excuse to go to DAVIDsTEA” and promptly did, expect reviews on those in coming weeks/months.   But since Jodi wanted December posts, I thought that Tazo Joy – a Christmas favourite – would be the perfect post.

Teavana Joy Tea 2015 Tea Loose Starbucks

One problem, unless you order it online from Starbucks, Tazo Joy is near impossible to find in Canada.  So I gave in and picked up a box of Teavana Joy fom my local Starbucks.  Teavana Joy has the same base notes as Tazo Joy according to the packaging, with apricot rather than peach so I expected them to be fairly similar.

Head over to Up The Rollercoaster to read my review.

Spoiler alert, Tazo Joy is still my Christmas favourite, but it is worth a taste.  Teavana is still in my bad books for taking over from Teaopia and Starbucks for choosing Teavana over Tazo so my opinion may be a little biased too.

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