DAVIDsTEA 24 Days of Tea Advent Calendar – Days 7-12

24 days of tea Advent Calendar DAVIDSTEA Holiday 2015

It is Tuesday and that means more tea!  Last week I shared the first six days of the DAVIDsTEA 24 Days of Tea advent calendar and now you can see what days seven to twelve brought.

Overall, the second batch of 24 days of tea samples were a mixed bag.  Two I love, two with lots of cinnamon and two I would drink, but probably not think of brewing when I open the cupboard in search of a tea.

24 Days of Tea – Day 7 – North African Mint

DavidsTea 24 days of tea advent calendar day 7 north african mint tea

I always have a selection of mint teas at home, I find they calm the stomach and I just generally like mint.  DAVIDsTea North African Mint green tea was not one I have tried before, which surprised me.  With organic cardamom, ginger, licorice root, fennel clove and black pepper, this green tea has a little spice and kick which is nice, especially in winter.  Don’t oversteep it though as the spice overpowers it.

24 Days of Tea – Day 8 – Cherry Blossom

DavidsTea 24 days of tea advent calendar day 8 cherry blossom

I think just about every company has a cherry blossom tea and most I have not been impressed with so never tried this.  It smells delicious when you open the tin.  Complete OMG must try this even though I usually hate cherry blossom teas moment.  It is better than many cherry teas, but still a little like cherry cough drops.  With a spoonful of sugar, he loved it though.

24 Days of Tea – Day 9 – Organic Cinnamon Rooibos Chai

DavidsTea 24 days of tea advent calendar day 9 cinnamon rooibos chai

I have had enough cinnamon, so this one is still sitting in the tin unused.  The smell of spice and cinnamon hits you as soon as you open the tin.  I will probably use this closer to Christmas to make the place smell cinnamon-y and skip drinking it.  If you like cinnamon though, this has some great steepster reviews.

24 Days of Tea – Day 10 – Organic Nepal Black

DavidsTea 24 days of tea advent calendar day 10 nepal black

This may have become my favourite black tea.  I say may as sometimes I try samples and love them, buy a bag and think its good but not as amazing as I thought.  This has a slightly malty, sweet, hint of darjeeling taste to it.  Since he was away for day 10, I also had the second cup from the tin as a latte with a little cocoa on top.  AMAZING.  This one is definitely going on the to buy list for my next trip to DAVIDsTEA.

24 Days of Tea – Day 11 –

DavidsTea 24 days of tea advent calendar day 11 hot chocolate tea

Two days in a row with delicious teas I love.  Day 11 of the DAVIDsTEA 24 days of tea advent calendar brought me my winter favourite, hot chocolate tea.  I have a review of this here with a recipe for a hot chocolate tea latte, so I won’t bore you with how much I love it again.  But just look at that chocolate swirl!

24 Days of Tea – Day 12 – The Spice Is Right

DavidsTea 24 days of tea advent calendar day 12 the spice is right tea

I got this one on the day I got sick, so not sure how much spice I was really tasting.  Since I could not smell much, I will rely on his interpretation of “it smells like you dragged me into Michael’s”.  Even though I could not taste much, I could taste the cinnamon in this, sweeter cinnamon, like the candy sort but definitely overpowering the orange and other notes meant to be in it.

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