Barefoot Venus Wild Flower Bath Bliss

Barefoot Venus Wild Flower Bath Bliss Review Packaging

Barefoot Venus Wild Flower Bath Bliss Review Packaging

The colder weather just screams for warm baths, but my Lush obsession gets a little expensive so I thought I would try a few alternatives.  I picked up Barefoot Venus Wild Flower Bath Bliss without really reading any reviews and expected a bath bomb or something with bubbles and “stuff”.

Barefoot Venus Wild Flower Bath Bliss Review Packaging Open

Opening it up, I found a plastic bag of white powder which you are meant to empty into a water filling tub.  While this is Wild Flower with Mango Butter, it does not overly smell of either.  It has slight floral notes, but not old lady flower smell and the mango is subtle but there making it sweet and slightly fruity.

Barefoot Venus Wild Flower Bath Bliss Review Ingredients

Barefoot Venus Bath Bliss is all about stuff you can actually pronounce (well if you go with mango, sweet almond oil and wheat rather than their proper names at least, because Amygdalus Dulcis sounds a lot more chemically than sweet almond oil).  Barefoot Venus Bath Bliss is made without parabens, propylene glycol, synthetic colour or mineral oil and all that nasty stuff you don’t want to sit in for 20 minutes.

Barefoot Venus Bath Bliss

Barefoot Venus Wild Flower Bath Bliss Review Powder

Yes, I stole a cat bowl that was a gift to Izzy from the people who kept her momma.  It is too cute to be a cat bowl and since they don’t have one each, she doesn’t get it!  That and they have metal bowls they cant break.

Barefoot Venus Bath Bliss is a white crumbly powder that kinda sticks together from the mango butter and oils, but falls apart easily.  Add water and it fizzes up a little, but you are not going to get the kind of foam you do with some bath bombs.

Barefoot Venus Wild Flower Bath Bliss Review In Water

Once the fizzing has stopped, you are left with a very slightly milky water with oils throughout that rise to the surface.  I expected to need a shower to rinse some of the oil off after my soak, but it absorbed well leaving my skin soft and moisturized.

Unlike some oily bath products, it rinsed easily from the tub too (because the last thing you want after a relaxing tub is to scrub it clean).  The scent stayed in the bathroom for about two days though, clinging to the shower curtain and other soft items reminding me of that 20 minutes of quiet soaking during the busy holiday season.

Barefoot Venus is Canadian and make several bath products including bubble bath, bath bliss in other scents, bath soak, bath treats and more.  I am planning to pick up Lemon Freckle Bath Treat and Vanilla Shake Bath Soak to try next!

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  1. Oooooh this sounds nice! It’s slightly disappointing that there are no bubbles (I LOVE BUBBLES) but I love a bath that leaves my skin feeling silky.

    And that cat dish is ADORABLE. I wouldn’t let Korra use it either 😉

    1. Tea & Nail Polish says: Reply

      I know! When she gave it to me I was thinking no way the cats get that, it will be broken in days and its too cute!

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