Super Easy Candy Corn Nail Art

Candy Corn Halloween Nails CBBOctNails

Gradient nails can be a real pain in the **** especially if you are just starting out with nail art.  Get this Candy Corn nail art for halloween without all the extra work of sponging on a gradient.

Candy Corn Halloween Nails CBBOctNails - Polishes

Start by finding three polishes in white, orange and yellow.  I went with Essences Wild White Ways for my base as it is fairly opaque and dries quickly unlike many white polishes.  I paired this with a random yellow Sinful Colors polish that I really must find out the name of and Zoya’s Beatrix PixieDust.  Any three similar colours will work and you certainly do not need a PixieDust, it is just my preferred orange polish as it isn’t too in your face.

Candy Corn Halloween Nails CBBOctNails - Essence White

Start by using two coats of white polish.  Remember that only the bottom of your nail will be showing so don’t worry if your tips are not perfect.

Candy Corn Halloween Nails CBBOctNails - Sinful Colors Yellow White

Hand paint the top third to half of your nail with your yellow polish. The part where the yellow meets white will be covered so you don’t have to worry about a perfect line.

Candy Corn Halloween Nails CBBOctNails

Finally, use your orange polish to paint across the nail in the centre.  Since Candy Corn is rarely uniform in colour distribution, it doesn’t matter if your lines are not perfect or matching on each finger.  Finish with top coat (I used two coats of Essie Gel Setter) and you are done.  An easy Halloween nail art look.

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  1. this is really cute! and easy enough maybe even I could manage it 😉

    1. Tea & Nail Polish says: Reply

      You are not that bad haha

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