Get Pore Perfect With Clean & Clear

Get Pore Perfect with Clean & Clear #CleanandClearRoutines

Get Pore Perfect with Clean & Clear #CleanandClearRoutines

While I may have aged, my skin still thinks I am a teenager so when I was offered the chance to try a customized Clean and Clear routine, I jumped on it.  While I don’t get acne as badly anymore, I do have enlarged pores and nasty blackheads so Clean and Clear customized a simple and quick three step pore perfect routine.

Clean & Clear Pore Perfect Cream Cleanser

Clean & Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser

I was surprised by how thick  Clean & Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser was, a little goes a long way.  Once mixed with a little waster, it foams and spreads easily over the face, so don’t be put off by the thick formula.  This deep action cleanser doesn’t add a pile of stingy ingredients to fake you into thinking it is working but does leave your skin cool.  Plus it is oil free so it won’t clog those freshly washed pores.

Clean & Clear Pore Perfect Advantage Blackhead Clearing Astringent

Clean & Clear Advantage Blackhead Clearing Astringent

Soak a cotton ball with Clean & Clear’s blackhead cleaning astringent to clean any dirt left hiding in your pores.  This deep reaching formula includes Salicylic Acid removes both dirt and oil which helps stop blackheads and pimples before they start.  This is a little drying, so I have only been using it on my oily/problem areas and my regular toner on my cheeks and other dry areas.  You can use this up to 3 times a day once your skin is used to it, but morning and night is enough for me.

Clean & Clear Pore Perfect Dual Action Moisturizer

Clean & Clear Essentials Dual Action Moisturizer

Finally, follow up with Clean & Clear Essentials Dual Action Moisturizer.  This moisturizer also includes Salicylic Acid, not as much as my usual 2% product, but since I apply moisturizer liberally and the astringent includes some too, it seems to work for me.  Like the other products, it is oil free to make sure you do not clog pores with oils or product.

My skin does look clearer, but I found them a little drying using multiple times a day, so I have been using them at night when my skin is oiliest, and using the cleanser in the morning with my regular toner and an SPF moisturizer mixed with some of the Clean & Clear dual action moisturizer.

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