Splatter Nails

splatter nails swatch

A group of us are recreating manicures by the lovely Roselynn over at Manicured and Marvelous and since I have always wanted to try splatter nails, I figured I would try out her Digit-al Dozen New & Improved splatter nails mani from January.

Perhaps trying this while sick was a bad idea because I can barely breathe, forget blowing nail polish through straws but despite them not being quite as good as Roselynn’s, I quite like them.  Not enough to try splatter nails on my other hand, so they are just painted the same colours to match but it was fun trying it.

Splatter Nails Supplies

splatter nails supplies

I didn’t have the same shades as used by Manicured and Marvelous but I wanted to go for the same colours, so choose similar ones.

  • Essence The Gel Back to Black
  • Zoya Mod Matte Phoebe
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pep-Plum
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On (base colour)
  • Straws cut into pieces (I cut 3 per straw)
  • Liquid latex for easier cleanup
  • Large sheet of paper

splatter nails mess

You will definitely want to cover up your work surface because splatter nails create a lot of mess.  Liquid latex will also help cut down on the considerable cleanup but I still found it went all over my fingers.

Start with a base of white polish and allow to dry fully.  Then take each of your splatter colours, either brush onto the bottom of the straw or dip the straw into it gently.  Then blow through the straw to splatter the polish.  The further away from your nails, the lighter and more splattered it will look – but the more cleanup too! Repeat with each colour until you are happy with how your splatter nails look.  You can always splatter on some white if you go over the top with your colours.

Top with two coats of top coat once fully dry.  Remember that there are some thicker splatters of polish, so leave it a while before adding top coat or it will smudge.

Check out Manicured and Marvelous’s splatter nails including video tutorial here.

Splatter nails whats on my other hand

It is rare that I will show my right hand, especially since I broke two nails packing but just to show you how different these three colours can look, here they are dry brushed on my other hand with a top coat of Essence Let The Stars Rain Down on Me because everything is better with a little holo!

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20 Replies to “Splatter Nails”

  1. I love these. So bright and colourful!

  2. I love the look! I honestly would not have thought it was such an easy process (tho not quick I think) to pull off this look

    1. Not as time consuming as mani designs, especially when you think of clean up time for gradient nails etc

  3. I love the bright colours that you used!

    1. Thanks, I tried to go for colours like the ones Rose used in hers

  4. Ashlee(Painted Nubbs) says: Reply

    These are cool, I love splatter nails.

  5. This is so cool! I would never have thought to do this with my nails.

    1. The joy of copying someone else;s mani, do something you wouldn’t normally think of doing

  6. I looooove the way these came out! The colours are stunning and cool together! And your right hand is very pretty too!

  7. I adore splatter manis. You picked amazing colors

  8. That splatter is great! Perfect color combo. I love that you all got together and did this.

  9. Woooot! I love your splatter attempt! I definitely need to try it some day, too. The dry brush on the other hand looks great, too!

  10. I almost picked this one!

    1. I am surprised that we mostly chose different designs without checking with each other

  11. I love splatter nails! Beautiful job!

  12. Awesome! I seriously love this!

  13. Yessss I love a good splatter mani! So messy but so pretty!

  14. Cute technique! I will have to tr with our girls I bet they will love this with some funky summer colors 🙂

  15. How beautifully this turned out!!

  16. That actually looks pretty awesome! I love it! Maybe one day soon I’ll the patience and energy to try this! 🙂

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