Zakia’s Moroccan Black Soap Review

Zakias Moroccan Black Soap & Argan Oil

Zakias Moroccan Black Soap & Argan Oil

I have tried Zakia’s products before and am in love with their Ghassoul Clay Mask so when they sent me samples of their Moroccan Black Soap with Argan Oil plus a bottle of pure Argan Oil and a Kessa glove, I couldn’t wait to try it.

What is Moroccan Black Soap?

Black soap (Beldi) is a thick paste made with olives and Argan Oil.  It is a great source of natural vitamin E for your skin and cleanses, softens and removes toxins.  Like other Zakia’s products, it is free of Polyethylene glycol (PEG), mineral oil, silicon, and parabens!

Zakias Moroccan Black Soap & Argan Oil

Surprisingly, (or not, since olives) it is not actually black but a green paste.  It is really thick and to use, you scoop a little out and put it on a bath pouf/mesh sponge (whatever you want to call them).  It foams well, which surprised me.  I thought it would be more like washing myself with a paste.  Moroccan Black Soap treatments are meant as a pre-cleanse before exfoliating, so they are best used in a hot shower steaming your skin first to open your pores.  Leave the foamed soap on your body for a while to let it release toxins then rinse.

Once you have cleansed with the Black Soap, you use the Kessa glove to get rid of all of your dead skin.  The glove does not feel that rough when dry, but I could not believe the amount of dead skin it removed.  It was actually kind of gross.  You want your skin to be damp but not too wet when using the Kessa glove.  Dampen the glove then rub gently.  If using the Kessa glove on your face, be very gentle.  Rinse again to get rid of all of that dead skin then use Argan Oil or your favourite body moisturizer to sooth and moisturize your skin.

The whole routine takes more time than I usually have to shower but it felt amazing afterwards.  The foamed black soap also makes for a good shave cream for when I am too lazy to reach for another product (I use conditioner and all sorts to shave my legs because of my laziness).

Buy Zakia’s Moroccan Black Soap

The Black Soap + Argan Oil bundle I received is available for $24.99 USD directly from Zakia’s.  I am not a huge fan of the plain scent, I love a steamy bathroom that smells pretty. Despite the added argan oil in my Black Soap sample, personally I would buy one of the other bundles such as the Orange Blossom Black Soap and buy the Argan Oil separately.

Now though August 15th, you can save an extra 20% off their already reduced prices for these items with promo code ZMBLOG-111.

Disclaimer: I was sent these items to review free of charge but was not compensated for my post and all opinions are my own.

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5 Replies to “Zakia’s Moroccan Black Soap Review”

  1. I got so excited thinking this was a face mud mask because I’ve been hunting for a moisturizing one! haha This looks soooo cool but I’m soooo lazy in the shower. ;( I use oils instead of body lotion because for whatever reason I find it easier -and works better too! Argan oil is awesome!

    1. Tea & Nail Polish says: Reply

      They do have a mask too but it is a detox clay mask rather than moisturizing, doesn’t dry my skin at all though

  2. Very cool sounding product!

  3. The black soap looks wonderful, I’ve never heard of it before, was it hard to rinse off??

    also..I’m just as guilty for using random finds to shave my legs haha most often it’s conditioner or body wash.

    x Amber

    1. Tea & Nail Polish says: Reply

      No, it foams like a regular body wash so rinses off easily

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