THEFACESHOP Advent Calendar Days 1-6

TheFaceShop Advent Day 3

THEFACESHOP Advent Calendar 2015 Closed

So only a week in and I already suck at the Blogmas goal of a post a day until Christmas, this should have gone up yesterday but someone has man flu and needed looking after all day.  You know, because when normal people don’t feel great, they still have to get things done.  But when he is sick, the world ends.

I will start by saying that THEFACESHOP advent calendar is a monster.  A huge box that is easily the size of my other 3 put together (4 now because I could not resist a last minute half price Lindt calendar because chocolate.

THEFACESHOP Advent Calendar Day 1

TheFaceShop Advent Day 1 THEFACESHOP Cherry Blossom Hand Cream

THEFACESHOP Advent calendar promises a mix of skincare, nail polish, accessories and more.  It starts off with Cherry Blossom hand cream.  A beautiful light scent that makes you thing of spring – perfect as the days get colder.  It is light and non-greasy yet moisturized well.

THEFACESHOP Advent Calendar Day 2

TheFaceShop Advent Day 2 - THEFACESHOP Trendy Nails PK03 Hot Pink Nail Polish

While I am always happy to get some nail polish, I almost broke a nail trying to get this bottle of PK03 out of THEFACESHOP advent calendar.  I have a separate review of this one going up, but the main points – hot pink is not very christmassy for an advent calendar shade and I so want to go work for THEFACESHOP and just name all of their nail polishes.  I hate that they are all just letters and numbers (even if it makes sense, the pink shade 3 is PK03).

THEFACESHOP Advent Calendar Day 3

TheFaceShop Advent Day 3 - THEFACESHOP Sparkling Apple Face Mask Sheet Mask

I have not tried this one to give a full review but will at some point.  Day 3 was THEFACESHOP Sparkling Apple face mask.  While I assumed that the yogurt tube look of this meant that it was a cream or clay, it is actually a folded up sheet mask you push up and unfold.

THEFACESHOP Advent Calendar Day 4

TheFaceShop Advent Day 4 - THEFACESHOP pencil sharpener

I know a lot of people were a little disappointed when they opened up their THEFACESHOP advent calendars and found a sharpener, but not me.  I can never have enough sharpeners and like to keep lip ones separate from eye ones and white separate from darks.  So yay for more sharpeners.  Since this is light, it is replacing my white/nudes sharpener which did not have anything to catch the shavings.

THEFACESHOP Advent Calendar Day 5

TheFaceShop Advent Day 5 - THEFACESHOP Blackhead Out Charcoal Nose Strip

A while back, I tried out Neat & Easy pore strips and they have replaced Biore ones or me, so it will be interesting to see how this THEFACESHOP Blackead Out charcoal nose strip performs in comparison.  However, I had used one the day before opening door 5 of my advent calendar, so it will be a review for another day.

THEFACESHOP Advent Calendar Day 6

TheFaceShop Advent Day 6 - Black Yeast Peel off Face Pack

Finally, day 6 of THEFACESHOP advent calendar brought a tube of Black Yeast peel off face pack.  I have tried this and a review will come, but if you are oily like me, this may not be the best option for you.  Plus you need a good 20-30 minutes for this mask and it takes forever to dry.  Since I need my glassses to do anything, that means sitting doing nothing.  It was a good 30 minute break from Mr. Man Flu though!

So there you have it, I am caught up on my Blogmas posts even if this is a little late.  Check back next week to see what the next 6 days of my THEFACESHOP advent calendar brings.

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