Birchbox Cupcakes and Cashmere May 2015

Birchbox Cupcakes & Cashmere May 2015 Subscription Box Canada

Birchbox Cupcakes & Cashmere May 2015 Subscription Box Canada

My regular mailman retired recently, the new one is not impressed with the amount of mail I receive,  When my Birchbox Cupcakes and Cashmere box arrived last week, he knocked on the door, and stood there saying “you have a package, again”.   Considering they are complaining about mail declining, you think they would like the business.

So here is my Birchbox Cupcakes and Cashmere unboxing, reviews to come later

BeeKind Body Lotion

Bee Kind Body Lotion Birchbox Cupcakes and Cashmere May 2015

Taking a personal timeout to apply moisturizer is always an act of kindness toward our skin. But BeeKind’s products let us show some TLC to ourselves and the world at large. Made with natural skin conditioners like honey and organic chamomile, this natural hydrator absorbs instantly without greasy residue, leaving behind a zesty lemon verbena scent. Plus, every BeeKind purchase helps support a healthier honeybee population, which in turn supports a greener, more sustainable planet.

BeeKind Body Lotion is $19 for 8oz

LAQA & Co Sheer Lip Lube Pencil in Menatour

Laqa&Co Lip Lube Menatour Birchbox Cupcakes and Cashmere May 2015

LAQA & Co. aims to arm women everywhere with not only the highest quality lip and nail products possible, but also the most convenient lip and nail products possible. From a day of errands to a friend of a friend’s house party to an impromptu selfie, this easy-to-use lip pencil provides high gloss and sheer color, no sharpener required.

Menatour would not be my first choice of colour, but it surprisingly suits me quite well.  I guess Birchbox knows what looks good on me better than I do!

LAQA & Co. lip lubes are $25 and available in a variety of colours.

W3ll People Expressionist Mascara

W3LL People Expressionist Mascara Birchbox Cupcakes and Cashmere May 2015

From splurging on extensions to stocking up on our favorite drugstore falsies, we go to great lengths to get the kind of lashes we wish we were born with. Now, thanks to W3LL PEOPLE’s all-natural, pro-grade formula, we can take our less-than-fluffy natural lashes to new extremes without subjecting them to harsh chemicals or dyes. The clump-resistant wand lifts and separates lashes, while the nutrient-rich formula coats them with luxe, glossy color.

W3LL People Expressionist Mascara is $27

RUSK Paste

RUSK Paste Birchbox Cupcakes and Cashmere May 2015

We can’t exactly go shooting webs from our hands like Spiderman—but this styling product’s superhero-esque action is, if you ask our opinion, better than what we’ll probably see in some of the big-screen sequels. The formula is filled with stretchable fibers that bind to each hair for maximum lift and separation. The web-like texture provides flexible hold without freezing hair, which means you can easily change up your style mid-afternoon.

RUSK Paste is $18 for 40z

Raw Spirit Desert Blush Fragrance

Raw Spirit Desert Blush Birchbox Cupcakes and Cashmere May 2015

Inspired by the Western Australian desert, this floral scent definitely brings the heat. It’s based around Australian boronia, a tiny pink blossom known for its sweet, citrusy aroma. Other notes include jasmine petals and violets mixed with warm musk, cedarwood, and sustainably harvested Australian sandalwood. The resulting fragrance is equal parts romantic and airy. Bonus: A portion of all sales helps support sustainable agricultural projects among Indigenous Australians.

Raw Spirit Desert Blush Fragrance is $50 for a 7.5ml rollerball

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4 Replies to “Birchbox Cupcakes and Cashmere May 2015”

  1. Interesting mix of products. I subscribe to Birchbox and find that they are always offering new brands to try.

  2. I want that W3LL People mascara. I am always worried about the chemicals in my mascara as I wear it daily & it’s right there on my EYES. Love to see Birchbox is carrying that!

  3. nicolthepickle says: Reply

    The Mascara looks great. I don’t subscribe to birchbox but it looks like fun.

  4. lol! The new mailman probably doesnt want a job!

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