If You Could Only Have 3: Zoya Edition

If you could only have three favourite zoya nail polishes

If you could only have three favourite zoya nail polishes

I was recently helping a friend plan what to pack for a month long trip.  She is using budget airlines in Europe so has to pack really light.  The thought of a month without nail polish is too much but she also wants some variety.  She got it down to three polishes and laughed at the thought of me managing a week with only three colours.

My first is an easy one

Zoya Nidhi Bottle Pic

Zoya Nidhi

Zoya Nidhi is my go to red nail polish.  Zoya describes it as fire-engine red with a subtle metallic shimmer.  It looks tomato red on me and the duochrome shimmer takes away from the OMG red nails look.  In the shade, the shimmer is gold, in bright light, it brings out the blue which for me makes it a keeper as many reds look terrible with my skintone.  I have loved this one for years, it was released in 2010 in the Sparkle collection.  Every girl needs a red polish and for me, this one is a keeper.  Plus, it dries quickly, is a two coater with great coverage, the glitter removes easily and no one else is ever wearing it!

Zoya Godiva Bottle Pic

Zoya Godiva

Vespa is actually my go to PixieDust but Zoya Godiva, from the same collection, is the one I would choose if I could only have three polishes.  The green on Godiva, while pale, is less neutral and doesn’t go with as much.  Zoya Godiva is a soft nude with a sugared PixieDust sparkle that makes it an amazing neutral/nude polish.  The sparkle gives it that oompf needed to wear on special occasions but is not so in your face that it cannot be worn all of the time.

This is where my plan of choosing three falls apart!  I have a red, I have a nude.  I have some sparkle.  What else do I need?  I love Zoya Edyta, it is dark and mysterious and shimmery but it is not the most wearable.  I am not a huge fan of nudes so as wearable as they are, Godiva would fill that hole in my stash.  I could pick pretty much any PixieDust, I love them but I should choose a creme (yes, I know, it didn’t happen,  I love glitter).  I would go with Zoya Tove if it looked as blue on me as it should.  Zoya Zuza i beautiful, but again, doesn’t go with everything and I think I need a dark rather than a bright since I have a red?  I adore Aurora, it is purple and sparkly and what is not to love which reminded me of Storm.

Zoya Storm Bottle Pic

Zoya Storm

Storm by Zoya can be best described as a full coverage black with a high concentration of micro fine diamond holographic glitter. Storm is elegant, powerful and versatile.  The glitter takes away from the vampy look, it goes with almost anything and is long lasting for a darker polish.  I remember the first time I wore this.  I had a manicure booked with friends and this had arrived before I left and I had to wear it.  They don’t carry Zoya at that spa but I brought it with me and asked if they would use it.  They were all oohing and aahhing over the colour.  Yes, it must be Storm!

I won’t get into the fact that deciding on Storm made me spend an hour trying to choose between Nidhi and Zoya Blaze!  If you could only have three Zoya polishes, which would you choose?

Zoya nail polishes are available from Nail Polish Canada or select salons in Canada.

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  1. My favorite of the three is the Zoya Godiva. I love pale sparkly nude colors to wear year-round. It would be great for both home and work!

  2. These are gorgeous choices. I would wear any of them!

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