DAVIDsTEA Nepal Black Tea

davidstea nepal black dry leaf perfect spoon

davidstea nepal black dry leaf perfect spoon

So in my quest to finish half of my tea, I have lots of bags with enough for one to two cups.  I have been saving some of those favourites for when I just need one last cup but if I drink them up maybe I can buy more.  So today, I drank my last cup of Davids Tea Nepal Black.  I say cup, but it was cups as this particular tea re-steeps for a second cup well.

davidstea nepal black dry leaf tea

There are good things brewing in the Highlands of Nepal. Like this hand-made black tea, from a small family-owned tea garden named Jun Chiyabari. From the first sip you’ll notice its rich, sweet, honey-like flavour. What doesn’t come through in the cup is how much good this little tea garden does. They’ve set up a ton of amazing community programs to benefit local schools, underprivileged families, and the elderly. This particular tea is a DAVIDsTEA exclusive – now that’s a good thing.

DAVIDsTEA Nepal Black is hard to describe yet is one of my all time favourite black teas.  It is rich yet creamy with an sweet but malty flavour,  Even a friend who hates black teas always has a cup when she visits because it is so smooth tasting.  It is bolder than a darjeeling tea, but has some of the flavour without the astringency or bitter aftertaste and is not quite assam like either although it has some of the flavour.

davidstea nepal black steeped cup

davidstea nepal black steeped wet loose leaf

While Nepal Black is one of the more expensive teas, it goes pretty far.  The loose dry is long and curled so grows to about two-three times the size when steeped, so you may want to experiment on the perfect amount.  The steeped leaf somehow seems much lighter than the brown and golden dry leaf (which my other half likes to call my dried wasps tea and the tea guide in the store knew what he meant when he bought me a bag for a gift).  The fact that some of the higher cost also helps community programs is an added bonus and makes me feel better about spending almost $10 for a 50g bag but it is my go to for my free tea using frequent steeper points.

DAVIDsTEA Nepal Black tea just calls for curling up in a comfy chair with a blanket and a great book on a dreary day.  It is one of those take a mouthful and remember why you love it teas.

davidstea nepal black dry leaf

DAVIDsTEA Nepal Black steeping instructions

  • 1.25 tsp per 8oz cup
  • 96°C/204°F
  • 4-7 minutes

As mentioned before, I boil my water to 100°C as my kettle does not have an option for 96 but this tea is fairly hardy and seems to steep well even if the water is too hot or cold.  I like mine strong, so a Davids Tea perfect spoon for my 12oz mug but that gets me a decent re-steep without adding fresh dry leaf.

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  1. Thanks for the great review of David’s Tea! I have tried it and love it too.I have yet to try the Nepal Tea but am open to trying it too.

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