L’Oreal Oleotherapy Sulfate-Free Oil Infused Hair Care Review

L'Oreal Oleotherapy Shampoo & Conditioner Review

I had shampoo and conditioner on my list at the recent Shoppers Drug Mart redemption event, but ended up shopping at a different store than the one I usually go to and they did not carry any of the brands I wanted.  I was getting low so walking along the shelves, I settled on trying l’Oreal OleoTherapy shampoo and conditioner.

My hair has really suffered this winter so I was looking for something for dry hair, but thinking about how greasy my roots get, I was worried about something oil infused.  Oleotherapy promises no residue and no weigh down so I thought it was at least worth trying and I am so glad I did.

OleoTherapy is l’Oreal’s first replenishing system for dull, dry or damaged hair. Formulated with a 6 flower oil blend, the Oleotherapy system provides intense nutrition and shine. Hair is restored to smooth and silky. No weigh-down. No greasy residue.  10x smoother hair. Intense nutrition. Silky feel.

L’Oreal Oleotherapy Shampoo

L’Oreal Hair Expertise Sulfate-Free System OleoTherapy Oil Infused Shampoo seems really greasy when you first squeeze some out.  You can tell it is oil infused just by the feel of it.  The shampoo is fairly thick and the 6 flower oil smells like flowers, the whole bathroom was scented by the time I was done and it lingered in my hair and bathroom for hours.  Something to note if you are sensitive to scents.

As I put this thick oily shampoo into my hair, I was thinking oh no, I am going to have greasy hair and have almost no shampoo yet.  It took some lathering, probably because it is more oil based than soapy but surprisingly rinsed quite well (as I stand there thinking what sample shampoos I have in my stash).  After rinsing my hair felt really soft and not at all greasy or weight down.  Even better, my hair was tangle free – almost unheard of with this mop of hair!

The thicker consistency of Oleotherapy shampoo coupled with my thick long hair meant I used a fair bit more shampoo  than I would normally use. Definitely one of those two shampoos to every bottle of conditioner buys.

L’Oreal Oleotherapy Conditioner

The l’Oreal Hair Expertise Oleotherapy conditioner seems less oily when compared to the shampoo but you can still feel and smell the 6 flower oil system in the cream consistency of the conditioner.  It spreads easily through the hair and rinses well leaving no residue and not weighing down my hair.  The scent is a bit stronger than the shampoo and likely what was lingering in my hair for a while after washing.

I was pleasantly surprised by the duo.  After washing, my hair was so soft and manageable.  I usually spend ages straightening my hair and it took about half the time to dry and straighten after using Oleotherapy shampoo and conditioner.  I am looking forward to trying the rest of the line.

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  1. This sounds like an interesting line – I could benefit from it as my hair tends to feel crummy during the winter months! I could use something to help keep it soft and manageable!

  2. This sounds great! Lately ive been trying to avoid the big box companies and focus on natural so this would make a great addition to my hair care routine

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