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If you know me, you know I love chocolate.  But I am fussy about chocolate.  Having grown up in England, I am used to creamier chocolate (and actual chocolate, not “candy” too).  So I was delighted when chickadvisor chose me as one of 50 lucky Canadians to try all seven of the Baroness Chocolate bars.

Although I had not tried Baroness Chocolate before, the name was familiar from their kickstarter campaign a while back.  Baroness Chocolates motto is “Act with sincerity, Live with joy”and their chocolate does help with the joy part!  As a Canadian company, they choose to manufacture and package their chocolate here and they do not mass produce identical looking bars either – you get real chocolate!

Baroness Chocolate believes in ethical chocolate too.  All of their chocolate ingredients are sourced from Rainforest Alliance certified farmers, gluten-free, kosher and many of the bars are completely organic too.

Baroness Chocolates Tummy Rub

Baroness Chocolate Tummy Rub

When you need a hug and a nap, deep milk chocolate with a dark chocolate cookie wafer

I will start with my favourite of the seven.  I a huge believer in not wasting good chocolate by adding a pile of ingredients and “stuff”.  I love a good milk chocolate bar but Baroness Chocolates Tummy Rub is absolutely delicious.  The chocolate is a bit darker/deeper tasting than regular milk chocolate and the dark chocolate wafer is substantial and crunchy but not so much that it takes away from the chocolate.  Tummy Rub really is like a chocolate hug, the ultimate in comfort food and one I would definitely buy if I saw in a store.  I saved a little of this (not much, because I loved it) for a gluten free friend who often misses cookie type chocolates to try because I am sure she will love it.

Baroness Chocolates Dob Dobs

Baroness Chocolate Dob Dobs

Chocolate that lingers on your tastebuds like a loving embrace then slaps you in the face.  Semi sweet chocolate with caramel and pecans.

So often, you see advertisements for chocolate and the bar is nothing like it.  Dob Dobs is a little different looking from the packaging but that is actually a good thing.  They have taken the pecans that encrust the top in the images and put them inside so the caramel melts around it and you don’t get nuts crumbling off while you try to eat it.  I do not find that it slaps you in the face, the semi-sweet chocolate has a bit of bitterness but nowhere near dark chocolate.  It is the perfect Baroness Chocolate bar for those looking for something with a bit of extra sweetness.  The caramel leaks out when you bite it, but not dripping so you can enjoy it on the go.  Again, something I will buy again.

Baroness Chocolates Love & Blessing

Baroness Chocolate Love & Blessing

Chocolate tastes better when shared.  50% milk chocolate and 50% dark chocolate – 100% organic

I actually thought that this would be my favourite when I first read the descriptions.  I think mine may have been a bit more more than 50% dark.  In my images, you can see the smaller amount of milk chocolate.  It was still delicious, but if you prefer milk, it is worth noting that the handmade nature of Baroness Chocolate means that you may not get exactly as advertised.

When I say handmade, I mean handmade – check out this image from CBC when they toured Baroness Chocolates

That being said, the chocolate was delicious and you can tell that Baroness Chocolates puts a lot of care into their chocolate.  The dark chocolate was deep but not that chalky bitter chocolate you get from some of the “gourmet” chocolate places that have popped up recently.

Baroness Chocolates Aiyaaaa!

Baroness Chocolate Aiyaaaa!

Summon the Kung Fu Master within with dark milk chocolate, almonds, sea salt and delicious butterscotch

Like Dob Dobs, they have opted to move the nuts into the bar rather than on top with this one as shown in the advertising.  I don’t know about Kung Fu Master, but for someone who generally prefers chocolate without nuts, I found this one really delicious.  The sweetness of the butterscotch is a nice touch with the slightly darker chocolate used by Baroness Chocolates so it is very balanced.  I liked that the nuts were a mixture of slivers/pieces and fairly full almonds too, the texture change was nice compared to many that have tiny pieces.

Baroness Chocolates Mocha Krunhjay

Baroness Chocolate Mocha Krunhjah

Give yourself permission to say what you want.  Medium dark chocolate with coffee, toffee, sea salt and almonds.  Certified organic.

There is a lot going on in a Mocha Krunhjah bar (and try saying that name several times fast).  The coffee flavour is milder than I would have thought and apart from the chocolate being a darker blend/colour, this one does look like the advertising. What is not clear is that the toffee is sponge toffee which makes me like it more and there are large pieces of it though the bar with the rest of the ingredients sprinkled on top.  There is too much in it for my tastes, but after my taste test, I shared and it was a favourite with others.

Baroness Chocolates Subversive Squirrel

Baroness Chocolate Subversive Squirrel

Stay free and fight the power!  Very dark chocolate with peanuts and brittle.

Subversive Squirrel is a peanut lovers dream.  It has large pieces of peanut brittle through the bar and then piles of peanuts sprinkled on the top.  Like the others, the dark chocolate (and it very dark chocolate) doesn’t have that chalkiness that other gourmet dark chocolates suffer from which is great.  I personally think I would have liked this better if the chocolate was not quite so dark.  It has a great name though so it rocks!

Baroness Chocolates Tantric Tiger

Baroness Chocolate Tantric Tiger

Breathe deeply and then pounce!  Roasted almonds, cranberries, and sea salt in semi sweet chocolate.

Semi sweet chocolate always makes me think of raiding the baking supplies when I am low on regular chocolate which probably colours my opinion of this one a little but I am just not a fan of Tantric Tiger (despite the amazing name).  The ingredients in this one are generally not ones  would go for (I do like sea salt but the cranberries and semi-sweet chocolate I can do without).  I am sure if you are a fan of cranberries you would probably like it.  Like some of the others, they have opted to put the cranberries and almonds inside of the bar rather than sprinkled on top as shown on the packaging.  While I am a huge fan of the Baroness Chocolates brand, I don’t ever see myself buying this one.

In all, they were absolutely delicious and you can tell that Baroness really cares about the chocolate they make.  If you feel like really treating yourself, they also have one that is wrapped in edible 24 karat gold and comes in a crystal display box – but you can buy a lot of regular Baroness Chocolate bars for $180 that the gold one costs!

As mentioned, some are darker than others.  Baroness Chocolates uses a blend of chocolates in every bar and make it easy for you to see how dark your chocolate is at a glance on the packaging.  The lighter the brown on the chart, the lighter your chocolate.


Connect with Baroness Chocolate

Shop online or find out more about their chocolates here

Find a store selling Baroness Chocolates here

Disclaimer: I received my Baroness Chocolates from ChickAdvisor free of charge for review purposes.  All opinions are my own.


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39 Replies to “For the Love of Baroness Chocolates (Review)”

  1. AH, all of these look lovely. My dad used to spoil us with good chocolate, and I think this would fit the bill.

    1. Tea & Nail Polish says: Reply

      They are definitely a treat as they are a little more expensive than “regular chocolate” even Lindt etc but delicious

  2. Great write-up! Those chocolates are seriously divine. Great Easter or Mother’s Day gift idea!

  3. These all sound great! I’d love the Tantric Tiger and the Mocha Krunhjah bar. I love a little salt in my chocolate!

  4. Oooh the Baroness Chocolate Aiyaaaa! sounds amazing! 🙂

  5. kristen visser says: Reply

    omg i want them alllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!! especially the Baroness Chocolate Tummy Rub

    1. Tea & Nail Polish says: Reply

      Tummy Rub is all gone now lol definitely my fave

  6. The chocolate tummy rub looks sooooo good

  7. Vesper Meikle says: Reply

    Having been born and raised in England as well I understand what you mean about chocolate – I am finding it very difficult to obtain ‘good’ chocolate locally – but I certainly would try all these flavours

    1. Tea & Nail Polish says: Reply

      I still buy most of mine from an English shop Vesper, I don’t think I will ever get into “candy” chocolate
      I recently read that Hershey successfully stopped Cadbury products from being imported into the US by some groups, hope that doesn’t happen up here

  8. Carol M (Lushka S) says: Reply

    Tummy Rub looks yummy

  9. I would love to try the Baroness Chocolate Dob Dobs. Love caramel and chocolate together.

  10. This is making me seriously GIDDY!! I was also chosen to try them so mine should be here this week if you got yours already!!!! Ahhhhhh! I want to try Aiyaaaa! so badly. It sounds AMAZING.

    1. Tea & Nail Polish says: Reply

      They gave tracking, hopefully yours show up soon so you can review them on time

  11. Elizabeth Vlug says: Reply

    Ok, maybe I shouldn’t have read this review so early in the morning. Now I am craving chocolate. They all look sooooo good. I need to try the Dob Dobs. And I wouldn’t mind the dripping one little bit. Thanks for introducing me to this chocolate!

  12. Such a chocolate lover , so I would love to try the Tummy rub

  13. I didn’t get selected (boooo lol) so I was really looking forward to reading YOUR review and WOW, great job!! I love the names, so catchy and cool. They sound even MORE delish now!

  14. Oh my,, I love to give these a try. Such unique combination of flavours and I am a huge chocolate fan…=D

  15. The Tummy Rub sounds so good!

  16. The Baroness Chocolate Dob Dobs Sound delicious!

  17. Holly Wright says: Reply

    The tummy tub sounds great

  18. The Baroness Chocolate Dub Dubs look so sublime!

  19. Angela Stevens says: Reply

    Baroness Chocolate Dob Dobs sounds divine.

  20. Marlene V. (Enelram) says: Reply

    I would love to try the Baroness Chocolate Aiyaaaa!

  21. i would love to try the Dob Dobs. So many great flavours!!

  22. Would love to try a Milk Chocolate with Caramel minus any nuts, still have to look around.

  23. nikki robak says: Reply

    I would love to try the Dob Dobs

  24. I would love to try the Baroness Chocolate Tantric Tiger

  25. Jerrica Evans says: Reply

    I would love to try the Baroness Chocolate Dob Dobs, looks so delicious.

  26. I would love to try the Baroness Chocolate Aiyaaa! The combination of ingredients sounds so yummy!

  27. Those Dob Dobs looks so good! A must try. 🙂

  28. Terry Anderson says: Reply

    i would try dob dobs

  29. Just when I thought, “I’m gonna go grab an orange”…Changed my mind. I’ll take 40 packages of Dob Dobs please :))

  30. Subversive Squirrel would be the one I’d ry

  31. Stephanie LaPlante says: Reply

    The Baroness Chocolate Dob Dobs sound delicious

  32. Yummy! They all look a-maz-ing! My first choice would be the Baroness Cocolate Aiyaaa!

  33. I have to pick just one? The
    Baroness Chocolate Aiyaaaa! because of the butterscotch stands out…

  34. Chocolate tummy rub

  35. Okay, these look delectable! Yummy!

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