Get A Summer Glow With Thermalabs Natural Self Tanner

Thermalabs Natural Self Tanner

I have typical Irish skin.  I am pale (as in Casper the Ghost jokes at school pale) and burn in summer – I am either white or pink/red – never tanned!  So when Thermalabs offered me the chance to try their Golden Standard Natural Self Tanner which promises a natural glow for all skin colours, I jumped at the chance.  I have tried a lot of tanning products, it is hard to get a decent colour using them because my skin is so pale naturally.

The Thermalabs Natural Self Tanner Promise:

Get a natural looking healthy overnight quick tan on your legs, arms and face with this tan at home cream formula. Thermalabs’ Natural Self Tanner is an organic formula for suitable for all complexions, from pale to dark summer skin. This is not a fake tone and doesn’t use a spray that is hard to control and stains.

Thermalabs new formula includes certified organic ingredients including avocado oil, olive oil, shea butter, cocoa seed butter and aloe leaf juice to keep your skin soft!

  • Provides even & natural-looking tan without the dangerous exposure to the sun
  • Results in the most natural and perfect looking tan!
  • Lasts up to 2 weeks!
  • More organic ingredients then any other brand! Safe for all skin types and creates the smoothest tan
  • Moisturizing lotion delivers natural tan with no streaks! Makes skin smooth and sexy
  • 100% money back guarantee: Don’t like the results? They will take it back no questions asked!

Thermalabs Natural Self Tanner Review

My Thermalabs Experience:

I will start by admitting that my legs were nowhere near summer ready.  The cold weather means I will go (much) longer between shaving or waxing and my skin is dry.  I know this is a recipe for disaster with any tanning product so I started by shaving and using an exfoliator followed by loads of moisturizer.

As with any tanning product, I donned latex gloves – no one wants super tanned palms!  If you don’t keep some at home, you can pick up a pack of 5 pairs in Dollarama for $1.   Unlike many coloured tanning products, this one is a white cream lotion and absorbs fairly quickly so it can be a little hard to make sure you are getting an even application, go section by section to make sure you don’t have any patches.  When doing dry areas like knees/ankles I mixed it with some moisturizing lotion as directed as those areas tend to get darker.

The Thermalabs tanner smells better than most tanning products, a bit sweet and floral which you could still smell the next morning.  If you are scent-sensitive, it may not be for you but I liked that it was not chemical smelling.  It was fully absorbed after about 20 minutes and I randomly checked my patch test and legs thinking it didn’t work.  It really does work overnight.  I woke up the next morning to an amazing natural tan colour.  Many fake tans leave me either orange or so dark it does not suit me.

The patch test above, you can see that you can apply more to get a darker colour if needed.  I went with the bare minimum knowing that I don’t need a  lot to appear natural.  The test looks patchy but that is completely my fault not adding more where I had before.  The application on my legs looks much smoother.

After a week, I do not think that it would last two weeks on my skin, it is already fading a little and is patchy in an area.  But a week is a long time of wearing summer clothes without worrying about my pale skin!  I will definitely be using it again.

Buy Thermalabs:

Thermalabs Natural Self Tanner is currently sold for $19.99 for a 6oz bottle (this would last me the summer, I only used a small amount for my legs) and is also available through

Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge for testing purposes.  All opinions are my own.


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