Batiste Dry Shampoo Review


I really don’t know how I lived before I discovered dry shampoos and Batiste has long been one of my favourites.

I have really thick hair that tends towards frizzy and keep it fairly long, so washing my hair takes forever.  Drying is a minimum of twenty minutes to make sure it is completely dry to ward off the afternoon frizz and then another 20 minutes straightening – an hour minimum by the time I wash it and dry off to start working on my hair.

Batiste Dry Shampoo lets me go that extra day between washes when my hair is looking a little funky but not bad enough that I want to waste time washing. Those two extra hours a week can be a lifesaver when you are busy.  Not familiar with dry shampoos?  They usually come in spray or powder form, to soak up excess oil without rinsing and leave your hair smelling fresh and are great for giving your hair a little volume without layering on more sticky product.

Batiste comes in several scents.  I was sent the original one to try out, something I have bought many times before.  If you have very dark hair like mine, I recommend finding the one meant for dark hair.  It is basically a spray on powder.  You spray it on and brush it out, taking the oil from you hair with it.  However, I find the original can leave some white residue visible on my hair – exactly why Batiste made the dark one (the dark one is coloured, don’t spray/brush while wearing white clothing!).  For lighter hair, you can probably skip the gold ones and just use the original as it is not that noticeable.

It also gives your hair a little texture and volume on a day when your hair would likely be weighed down by the oil produced, helping your hair look washed but manageable and easier to style.

Buy Batiste Dry Shampoo

Batiste comes in travel size 50ml bottles in select varieties – original is available at most retailers for around $5

The larger sizes and coloured varieties are harder to find.  I get mine from Nail Polish Canada or  They cost $10 or less for a 200ml bottle. Walmart carries select original scents in 200ml sizes for $8.57 but no coloured varieties.

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  1. kristen visser says: Reply

    awesome price! i have never tried a dry shampoo before. would be interesting to try!

  2. I have been wanting to try dry shampoo…. But my one and only experience was less than satisfying. I will have to find this product and give it a shot. Thanks.

  3. […] I am that tired, washing my hair isn’t happening, it takes too long to dry and straighten.  Batiste Dry Shampoo is a lifesaver.  I buy the one for dark hair and even if my hair isn’t that funky, the shot […]

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