Tips To Eat Less Without Really Trying

Eat Less Without Trying Tea & Nail Polish

I am terrible for mindless eating.  Whether it is boredom eating, comfort eating or just being on the run without healthy options available, I am likely to make a bad eating choice.  I thought I would share some of the tips that work for me:


One of the best ways to eat less without trying is to trick your mind into thinking it is eating more

  • use a smaller plate: a full plate, even a smaller one will seem full to your brain and help make it think you are full.  Remember your grandparent’s old china?  Check how small those plates are compared to many on the market now!
  • plates with borders: you know how you hated colouring outside the lines as a kid? Your brain still thinks a little like that.  Using a plate with a border will trick your mind into thinking the plate is fuller than if it had the same amount of food with no border.
  • use skinny containers: long flute glasses don’t hold much but seem like they do, small bowls will let you have a snack but give you portion control.
  • put the serving dish away before you eat: you are less likely to go back for seconds if it is out of sight and especially if it needs to be heated.

Think like you are eating at a restaurant (but without the oversized portion sizes)

  • Mood lighting helps us eat less and slower
  • Soft music can help with lulls in the conversation so you don’t automatically eat during the lull
  • Colour can make a huge difference and be a trigger.  You know those rich reds you see in restaurants, red, yellow, orange can encourage you to eat!

Healthy Eating Eat Less Without Trying

Clean out that fridge.  While you can keep the “bad foods” move them away from eye level so when you open it, you see healthy options first and are more likely to choose them.

  • Portion out fruit, vegetables, snacks so they are easy to grab and you are not reaching for an easy option that is less healthy
  • Making a healthy dinner?  Make extra and freeze for a night when you are busy so you are less likely to choose takeout food


Just like you can eat less by removing the serving dish from easy access, you can eat less by keeping snacks out of sight

  • Portion out unhealthy snacks like chips and hide them away and away from eye level if in cupboards/the fridge
  • Keep fruit and other healthy options visible for you are more likely to choose it as a snack
  • Keep your counters clear: not seeing any food makes you less likely to think of eating
  • Like to snack?  You can eat less by making yourself reach for snacks.  It can be as simple as moving the coffee table away from the sofa so you can’t reach that bowl of popcorn (and don’t cheat by putting the bowl on the sofa!)

Hope these tips can help you too!

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4 Replies to “Tips To Eat Less Without Really Trying”

  1. Gives new meaning to your eyes are bigger than your stomach, eh? There truly is something to seeing a full plate – not matter how big the plate is!

  2. Love the psychological tricks and tips. I am trying to lose weight right now to better my health…

  3. Good reminders…I know these, now all I have to do is follow them!

  4. Thank you for the tips. I am looking at eating less and losing some weight for September (girls trip).

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