Dove Shower Foam – Cucumber & Green Tea Review

Dove Shower Foam Review - Green Tea & Cucumber Reviews

Dove Shower Foam Review - Green Tea & Cucumber Reviews

Already lathered for you! Dove has a new shower product and like hand soap, it comes in a foam formula!  It contains the same NutriumMoisture you would expect to find in Dove products.  Even in a light airy foam, it penetrates surface skin up to 10 layers deep, for long lasting nourishment.  Waking up by 5am some mornings, anything I can cut out of my morning routine is a plus – even if it is as simple as lathering shower gel!  Seriously, I can be that lazy in the morning.

Dove Shower Foam - Green Tea & Cucumber Review - In Use

A simple pump of the bottle and you get a nice light airy foam that melts away on your skin leaving you clean with added moisturizer.  Since it is super light, it rinses away easily too.  I find that some moisturizing shower products leave you feeling like there is still product on your skin, but that is not the case with Dove Shower Foam.

Dove Shower Foam Canadian Scents

I tried out Dove Shower Foam in Green Tea and Cucumber scent but you can also get Deep Moisture (Dove’s original scent) or Shea Butter with Warm Vanilla.

  • Deep Moisture: Blend of cleansers and NutriumMoisture provides nourishment to the skin.
  • Shea Butter with Warm Vanilla: Warm scent of vanilla, sandalwood and musk allows you to feel balanced and renewed.
  • Cucumber and Green Tea Scent: Clean, crisp fragrance of cucumber and green tea for a refreshingly light skin sensation.

Dove Shower Foam Review - Green Tea & Cucumber Review

The Cucumber and Green Tea scent is very spa like.  A nice gentle refreshing scent that lasts without being overly powerful. Just nice and clean smelling.  I can tell in the bathroom when it has been used, but the scent doesn’t linger on the skin.  You smell that slightly soapy clean scent but not so scented it would be an issue in a scent free workplace.

Dove Dry Spray

Dove Dry Spray Review

Finish your lightweight morning routine off with Dove Dry Spray Invisible.  It won’t leave any marks on your black clothing (spring is coming, does that mean I need to add some colour to my wardrobe?) and keeps me dry all day.  Like the Dove Shower Foam, it has a very light scent that works enough for me in a scent free workplace.  I will give up perfume, but I don’t want to stink of body odour either.  While many 100% scent free ones just do not work for me, my coworker uses this and she is the one allergic to most scents.

Even in a spray, they have the same 1/2 moisturizer you find in other Dove products and while I have never tried the 48 hour promise.  I sweat too much when I sleep.  They do keep me dry all day.  Choose between Clear Finish (Clean floral fragrance, which complements the Beauty Finish offering – a different execution using clean, crisp notes on top of a feminine floral heart) or my choice Sheer Fresh (Bright fruity notes of pineapple and pear are combined with an elegant floral bouquet of freesia, jasmine and water lily, with caring and creamy back notes adding the finishing touch).  Both are also available in Invisible stick formula if you prefer not to use a spray.

Buy Dove Shower Foam or Dry Spray Invisible

Both are available at major retailers.  Dove Shower Foam has a recommended price of $7.97 (for 250 pumps of shower foam) while Dove Dry Spray varies from $3.97 to $8.99 based on type.

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  1. The cucumber and green tea sounds great

  2. Picking up the shower foam ASAP! I love the Cucumber body wash but I can’t say no to a foam formula!

  3. Your photo styling is always on point! Seriously! Also, sounds like a great product – Dove products are always good, and the cucumber scent is my fav!

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