February Budget Check-In & Why I Love My Reward Cards


After using a lot of our stockpile in January, it seemed like we had to buy a lot more.  Maybe the sale prices were better but we did really well staying under our $500 budget for shopping/food expenses, including dinner out and cat food/litter with $60 going into our savings!

I was also lucky enough to book some travel for someone else who does not use ebates, and agreed that I could use mine since their employer was reimbursing them anyway, so I made $200 total back in ebates including my Christmas shopping rebates.

I have been staying out of the mall which helps us stay on track with our budget, over two months since my last Sephora shop!

Like last month, I am still slacking on  Swagbucks and Superpoints, I made about $15 total on them this month, but it has been a busy month and I have been dealing with illness leaving me with no energy so I am not overly bothered about them.

My grocery shopping and meal planning have improved though:

Reward Card Freebies


I am sure all of us say that we are going to be more careful about money as a new year’s resolution/goal and my reward cards have certainly helped with budgeting.  Just this week, I managed to score the following deals

  • PC Blue Menu canned vegetables and beans $0.99 + 1000 PC Plus points ($1) back
  • Tide 24 load at Shoppers Drug Mart $4.99 – $3.10 personalized coupon $1.89
  • Royale Velour 16 double rolls $5.99 + 3000 Optimum points (worth over $6 on a bonus redemption) plus I used a $1 coupon
  • Balea 3-in-1 cleansing/makeup remover cloths $3.29 + 3200  Optimum points (worth $6.70 on a bonus redemption)

There were of course other deals, but these ones are by far the best.  I now have a huge stockpile of canned corn, peas, green beans and chickpeas/beans to last me quite a while too.

You can load the 1000 PC Plus offer to your own account here, it ends on March 5th so get it soon as some stores already have low stock.

I shake my head when I see people shopping without reward cards, especially when I am at Shoppers Drug Mart on 20x day and they would be earning $20 back in points.

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  1. I bought the pc cans today to donate.. 20 of them. Don’t forget to use c51 with the tide. it’ll bring it down to 0.89

  2. I use my points.com for online shopping points. I should checkout swagbucks and superpoints. Never heard of them before.

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