Quo by Orly Color Amp’d Paparazzi

Quo by Orly Ampd Paparazzi Swatch

So I think I may have found my go to colour for the rest of spring into summer when I don’t want to wear something bright and it is Paparazzi from the Quo by Orly Color Amp’d line.  For those not familiar, Quo is exclusive to Shoppers Drug Mart and while the cosmetics don’t have […]

Make The Most Of Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum For Beauty Lovers

Shoppers Optimum for beauty lovers

Us beauty lovers buy a lot of makeup and while Sephora does get some of my money, Shoppers Drug Mart sees me a lot more.  You need to spend $100 at Sephora just for a sample with your points.  Shopping with my Optimum card, I can usually get $30 in points for that same $100 […]

How Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum Ruined My No Buy July

Drug Store Beauty Haul Using Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum Bonus Points

On June 25th I decided to join the No Buy July challenge and started right then.  With No Buy July, you still buy groceries etc.  Although, it is a great time to use up all the stuff in your cupboards too, lots of new foods come out in July.  You just don’t buy all the […]

February Budget Check-In & Why I Love My Reward Cards

After using a lot of our stockpile in January, it seemed like we had to buy a lot more.  Maybe the sale prices were better but we did really well staying under our $500 budget for shopping/food expenses, including dinner out and cat food/litter with $60 going into our savings! I was also lucky enough to book […]