Per Pack Meat Pricing: Frugalista’s Nightmare


I don’t buy meat at Walmart often, but while shopping, I needed to pick up some chicken breasts and did not want to go to our usual store after Walmart, nor carry chicken around for an hour in Walmart.  I know there is always a difference in weights, but the difference really surprised me with these $9 packs with roughly 5 chicken breasts per pack.  This is just a few of them but shows the lowest and highest weights I could find, a difference of 388g, a bit under 1lb.

  • 1.65lb @ $5.46/lb
  • 1.89lb @ $4.76/lb
  • 2.39lb @ $3.76/lb
  • 2.5lb @ $3.60/lb

Fortinos, my local grocery store, has chicken breasts at $3.99/lb this week so by buying the largest pack, I did save some money.   The number of packs with under 900g/2lbs far outweighed the heavier packs however and most people would end up paying far more (a lot more with these weights).  These make price matching for a better deal near impossible, stores with priced packages will not match per pound/kilo pricing and there is no way for stores with weight pricing to know what size packaged priced meat is to compare – a price matching nightmare

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