February Budget Check-In & Why I Love My Reward Cards

After using a lot of our stockpile in January, it seemed like we had to buy a lot more.  Maybe the sale prices were better but we did really well staying under our $500 budget for shopping/food expenses, including dinner out and cat food/litter with $60 going into our savings! I was also lucky enough to book […]

What The Bleep Is Slimming World?

While I envy the results of those on paleo diets and doing the whole30 challenge, I want to make eating healthier budget friendly and make meals both of us can enjoy together – and he will not go for missing out on key foods (key to him at least).  Slimming World is well known in […]

2015 Budget Goals – Spend Less, Get More

Like most people, I want to save more money this year and budget my money more wisely.  We are not getting any younger and those retirement savings will never be enough.  I looked through all of the challenges posted but none of them are for me.  I don’t want to go without to get to […]

Getting Back on Track

As you can tell by the lack of posts, I haven’t devoted much time to my blog recently, or anything else really.  A stressful situation at work has meant a change in hours, new neighbours at home who are noisy means I don’t get much downtime at home either.   I have been feeling run down, […]

Slimming World Meal Planning Ideas

After trying many different meal planners, this one I made based on the one from the Dairy Farmers of Canada is the one that works best for me.  For my Slimming World Meal Planner I separated the area for meals and under each can mark down my superfree foods, free foods, healthy extras and syns.  […]

Per Pack Meat Pricing: Frugalista’s Nightmare

I don’t buy meat at Walmart often, but while shopping, I needed to pick up some chicken breasts and did not want to go to our usual store after Walmart, nor carry chicken around for an hour in Walmart.  I know there is always a difference in weights, but the difference really surprised me with […]