Michel Mercier Detangling Hair Brush Review

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I had seen the paid programming for the Michel Mercier detangling hair brush on television and kept thinking ‘oh I really want to try this but I hate ordering stuff from TV’ so never ordered.  Then when shopping in Giant Tiger the other day, I noticed a rack of them so thought for $10 I would give it a try.  I picked up the one for thick hair.

OMG where have you been all my life!  I love this brush, looking at the bristles they did not seem like they would go through all of my hair but it detangles my hair with no issues (and this was after walking home in 30km winds) and in less brush strokes than it would usually take.  What really surprised me was how little of my hair broke off in the brush, usually I lose a lot of hair when brushing, especially when it has been windy and my hair looks like a bird’s nest.

The shape of it means it is not great for blow-drying but I brush my hair with it before and after drying and while straightening.  The bristles are different lengths which really helps to detangle thick hair.

The only bad thing is they admit on the packaging that it does not last long and needs to be replaced at least every 8 months (many people say 2-3 months) but at $10 for a great brush, I will buy a couple a year.

About the Michel Mercier Detangling Brush

The secret of Michel Mercier’s revolutionary detangling brush is its unique patent, featuring 428 bristles of various lengths and thicknesses. This smart geometric design helps to disperse pressure placed on the hair for a faster, more comfortable, and pain-free brushing experience with far fewer torn or broken hairs. The brush is suitable for all hair types: fine, normal, and thick.

You can find the Michel Mercier detangling brush at Walmart and many other stores.

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  1. oo i need a new brush.. why did they say it lasts a couple months/

    1. The bristles get softer and because they are not as long as most brushes they don’t work as well

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