CheeCha Puffs: A Yummy Healthy Snack


Okay, so they are not healthy like eating vegetables but we all have snacks sometimes.  Above is a picture of three Salt & Vinegar flavoured ‘healthier snack’ along with a weighed serving size (strangely, not one of them was the correct number of chips for the weight).  As you can see from the identical bowls, you get a lot more for your calories with CheeCha Puffs.


For that bowl of CheeCha Puffs, you eat less calories than the other snacks and less fat too (and less syns on Slimming World!).  These are not chips like pop chips, they are ‘shinier’ and more like the snacks you give a baby, but yet still delicious and very flavourful.  Even my boyfriend (who sneers at anything advertised as healthy/low cal/low fat) loves these and takes them as part of his lunch.

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3 thoughts on “CheeCha Puffs: A Yummy Healthy Snack

  1. I could eat cheecha puffs morning noon and night. salt and vin is my fav but I have fallen for the sugary cinnamon ones they are so good.

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