2015 Budget Goals – Spend Less, Get More

Like most people, I want to save more money this year and budget my money more wisely.  We are not getting any younger and those retirement savings will never be enough.  I looked through all of the challenges posted but none of them are for me.  I don’t want to go without to get to […]

Using Rebate Apps to Save on Your Groceries #ThriftyThursday

I am a big coupon user, I hate paying full price for anything, but with coupon abuse and the increased cost of mailing out coupons, we have seen a lot of changes to coupons over the last year.  While 2014 was a huge year for rebate apps as new ones were released and fine-tuned, 2015 […]

All You Need Is (Cheap) Cheese

Okay life is so much more than cheese but cheap cheese makes it better. Target had this amazing unadvertised sale on select cheeses. They are not tagged so you have to grab some Saputo or Market Pantry cheeses and scan to check if it is a participating product.  Each of these items were $1.49 and […]

Per Pack Meat Pricing: Frugalista’s Nightmare

I don’t buy meat at Walmart often, but while shopping, I needed to pick up some chicken breasts and did not want to go to our usual store after Walmart, nor carry chicken around for an hour in Walmart.  I know there is always a difference in weights, but the difference really surprised me with […]