Melitta Pour Over Coffee System Review

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As a tea lover, my partner often suffers when he wants coffee.  It just is not worth it to make a whole pot and while the frugalista in me would prefer he uses the reusable k-cup he says that it does not allow the water to flow slowly enough to make a great cup of coffee.  So while shopping the other day, I saw this Melitta Pour Over System (also marketed as Ready Set Joe)  which would allow him to make a single cup without another gadget or machine taking up space in the kitchen.

The cone pour-over system makes a better cup of coffee by brewing coffee at the perfect temperature, regulating the flow of water, providing optimal turbulence of coffee grounds via cone shape design, and giving you a fresh coffee one cup at a time. Just insert one Bamboo coffee filter, add some ground coffee, place on top of your favourite mug and pour boiling water over top.

I tried the cone on various mugs, it fit them all, even my large mouth tea mug.  The cone is not small enough to fit in our cutlery drawer but can stack on top of a mug in the cupboard so is easy to store.

Using the Melitta Pour Over System

official picIt is obviously very easy to use, you measure out the ground coffee (or if like me, eyeball it).  Boil water and pour.  The first filter we opened from the small pack that came with the cone broke when water was poured on it so we tried a second time using a filter from the box we bought and it worked perfectly.  The cone does not hold enough water for a mug (6oz cup only) so I waited for the water to drain through and then rinsed the sides of the filter with the second pour to get full use of the coffee grounds.

Lavazza Ground Coffee

We received Lavazza Gran Selezione drip coffee to try from bzzagent and while I used the other bag at work, I thought it was a good opportunity to try out the second bag.  As you can see from the image bottom left in the collage above, it is rich and chocolately.  I usually do not like the smell of coffee, walking into Tim Hortons hits me with a wave of nausea but the aroma from the bag is delicious.  It was a really smooth coffee with no bitter aftertaste.

Buy the Melitta Pour Over System

I picked up the Melitta Pour Over System with a starter pack of filters in the box for $6 at Target,  A large box of replacement size 2 filters was $4.  It is also available at Walmart, Home Hardware and Canadian Tire.

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3 Replies to “Melitta Pour Over Coffee System Review”

  1. Good to know about these. I agree that it’s not worth it to make a whole pot for just one cup. I’m a tea drinker myself but a friend of mine has been looking for something like this for when she has guests so that she can offer them something better than instant coffee but without the need for purchasing a new appliance. I’ll pass the info on to her. Thanks.

  2. That’s a neat product! I don’t know if it would be useful to me as it just seems like a lot more clean up and work is involved compared to a drip system.

  3. Debbie Cahoon says: Reply

    this is such a great idea. There are so many times that all I want is just 1 cup of coffee.; especially late at night and it certainly isn’t worth making a full pot just for 1. I have never found an instant coffee that I like so I just go without. With one of these nifty gadgets I wouldn’t have to

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