Jamberry Nail Wraps and Lacquer Review

Jamberry Nail Wraps Lacquer Review & Giveaway

I have tried Jamberry nail wraps before but one of my readers, Jessica, recently contacted me to let me know that Jamberry also has a line of nail lacquer too.

Jamberry Nail Lacquer Morning Mist Swatch Canada

I am a huge fan of blue polishes, so I picked the limited edition Morning Mist polish which is an exclusive part of their Fairy Tail collection.  As you can see in the image, there is a little separation in the bottle and it does not seem to have any mixing balls in the bottle and much shaking left some darker blue.  There were no separation issues with the polish on the fairly fat brush.  I left my baby finger with one thick coat in the image above so you can see just how opaque this polish is in a single coat.

I wore Morning Mist for three days and while it had dulled a bit, there was no major chipping.  As many of you know, I rarely wear polish for 3 days as I can’t stand tip-wear so I was really surprised how long it lasted.

You can see the full Jamberry nail lacquer collection here.

Jamberry Nail Wraps Gelato Review Canada

On to the nail wraps they are known for.  Jessica and I chose Jamberry Nail Wraps in Gelato, a pattern that is way too much work to do by hand but looks adorable.

Jamberry Nail Wraps Gelato Prep Products Review Canada

The wraps came with an orange stick, rubber cuticle pusher.  Before applying any nail wraps, you prep your nails by pushing back your cuticles (the rubber cuticle pusher is super gentle for a free one!) and wiping your nails with alcohol or their nail prep wipes.  Often nail wraps come with tiny alcohol wipes that dry out before you are done one hand, the Jamberry ones are a big soft cloth that was still damp when I finished applying the wrap, I would probably buy them for regular use!

Jamberry Nail Wraps Gelato Instructions Review Canada

Jamberry Nail Wraps Gelato Application Review Canada

You simply choose the wrap that fits your nail best, and cut it in half.  Warm the reverse side wrap with your hair dryer (or a mini heat lamp available from Jamberry) to activate the adhesive and place on nail.  Use the rubber cuticle pusher to smooth the wrap over your nail (warm it with your hair dryer if needed to help smooth out bubbles).  Then cut the excess from the tip of the nail and file the rest off in a downward motion.

Jamberry Nail Wraps Gelato Review Canada

I decide to wear mine as an accent nail.  While I wore them for four days before removing them for a more work appropriate look, I have previously worn a set of wraps for 10 days with little issues.  If they start to lift at the side, you can re-heat and push down with the cuticle pusher and they stick for a few more days.

To remove, you soak the nail wrap in polish remover, or coconut oil, and gently lift it away from the nail.  If it is still adhered, soak it again so you do not damage your nail removing them.

Jamberry Nail Wraps are $15 US / $17 CDN and shipping is $10 for orders up to $99CDN.  If you buy three sets, you get the fourth free which helps make the shipping worthwhile or host a party and get a free hostess gift plus ship your friends’ orders to you for pickup and get free shipping.  See all wraps and other Jamberry products here.

Jessica and I want to give you the chance to win a half sheet of Gelato nail wraps (more than enough for a full set manicure) and a purse size manicure kit.

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    1. Beautiful Huguette! Be sure to check Pinterest for how people have paired Butterfly Kisses with other colors/wraps. Great inspiration!

  1. I love nail wraps but have never tried Jamberry. One of my favorites is the Sweet Nothing design. So pretty with the flowers. Thank-you. 🙂

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