Born Pretty BP-Y03 Water Decal Swatches

BP-Y03 Born Pretty Wave Design over A England Shall Be My Queen Swatches

If you missed it, I already reviewed the red, turquoise and black design from these cute Born Pretty BP-Y03 nail decals here, so onto the wave and triangle pattern. As with many of the Born Pretty Store’s nail decals, the BP-Y03 sets come with two different designs and enough to do a full manicure of each pattern or a pile of accent nails.  Unlike the design I shared earlier this week which had the same basic pattern but in varying directions.[Read more]

Nail Stamping With A England In Robe & Crown #CBBNov

CBBNov Stamping Prompt - A England In Robe and Crown - BP Gold - Pueen Geo Lover 02 plate - Swatch

I prefer challenges I can actually keep up with and #CBBNov seems to be working for me with just two prompts a week.  Today, we are doing stamping.  Easier for us nail bloggers than the regular beauty bloggers, but I am hoping to see some eyeliner stamping and similar reviews from them! Today is lazy nail art because I used the polish I was already wearing and just added stamping.  My base is two coats of A England In Robe[Read more]

A England Tennyson’s Romance Collection Swatches and Review

A England - Tennyson's Romance Header with Text

You can never have enough holo in your life and this stunning new collection from A England just screams buy me.  The Tennyson’s Romance collection includes five scattered holo polishes, from orchid purple to black based on Tennyson’s The Beggar Maid. While the polishes are named for Tennyson’s Romance, The Beggars Maid, the shades mainly find their inspiration from the painting.  King Cophetua and The Beggar Maid (1884) is an oil painting by Sir Edward Burne-Jones which sits in the Tate[Read more]

A England – Shall Be My Queen Swatches and Review

A England - Shall Be My Queen Natural Light Swatches and Review - Tennysons Romance Collection

The final shade in A England’s Tennyson’s Romance collection is Shall Be My Queen.  A stunning ruby red scattered holographic polish that finishes the collection with a touch of royalty. While the painting does have some beautiful reds in it, I like to think the inspiration is more the royalty aspect of the story.  I would hope that King Cophetua treated the Beggar Maid well once she became his queen and she had rubies or whatever else her heart desired.[Read more]

A England – Angel Grace Swatches and Review

A England - Angel Grace Swatches and Review - Tennysons Romance Collection

The fourth shade from A England’s Tennyson’s Romance collection is Angel Grace.  This stunning scattered holo orchid purple polish may be the least true to the painting, but you know I love my purples.  Since it is a bit lighter, the holographic shimmer shows more brightly too. I am not really sure where they got the inspiration for this shade.  Neither the painting nor the sketch show much purple so it is all about the typical purple grace I guess.[Read more]