Born Pretty BP-Y03 Water Decal Swatches

If you missed it, I already reviewed the red, turquoise and black design from these cute Born Pretty BP-Y03 nail decals here, so onto the wave and triangle pattern.

BP-Y03 Decals - Turquoise Green - Red - Black Geometric Water Decals Full Set

As with many of the Born Pretty Store’s nail decals, the BP-Y03 sets come with two different designs and enough to do a full manicure of each pattern or a pile of accent nails.  Unlike the design I shared earlier this week which had the same basic pattern but in varying directions.  This set includes a transparent background wave design plus a matching design with pink, purple and green triangle blocks.

BP-Y03 Born Pretty Wave Design Nail Decals

There are four nail decals of the transparent wave and six of the coloured triangles.  Both designs had a decal big enough to fit my thumb nail which is fairly wide and are more than long enough for most nails.

Born Pretty Store BP-Y03 Water Decal Swatches

BP-Y03 Born Pretty Wave Design over A England Shall Be My Queen Swatch and Review

These BP-Y03  water decals are shown over A England Shall Be My Queen and my go to base white polish of Sally Hansen White On.  The transparent wave pattern still allowed the holo to shine through which is great.  Some “clear” decals I have tried leave a slight white colour and you don’t get the true colour below.

BP-Y03 Born Pretty Wave Design over A England Shall Be My Queen Swatches

Like the other BP-Y03 design, these are quite thin.  Not surprising since they are on the shame sheet! This is great for making them look like natural nail art and not stickers.  However, you do have to be careful with them, especially if using tweezers.

BP-Y03 Born Pretty Wave Design Nail Decals - Cut

Overall, I think I prefer the BP-Y03 design I wore earlier but I do love the transparent ones on these that makes the wave design a breeze.  Even with stamping, you can get missing areas so these are perfect for a newbie (or when I am lazy).

BP-Y03 Decals - Purple Pink and Green Geometric Water Decals Instructions

As mentioned in the previous post, the instructions are quite clear compared to many water decals but miss the step where you remove the film before plunging into water.  They will stick to the film if you miss this step and be too thick to properly apply, so make sure to pull it off before soaking.

Born Pretty’s BP-Y03 nail decals are currently priced at just $0.99 US.  You can buy them direct from Born Pretty here.  If they are not on sale, use coupon code HNEX31 to save 10% on your purchase!

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