Zoya Party Girls Winter/Holiday 2017 Release

Zoya Party Girls Fall Winter 2017 Release

Zoya Party Girls Fall Winter 2017 Release

It feels like Zoya only just had a new collection but their Party Girls release for Winter/Holiday 2017 will be available on October 15th!    They promise that this collection is mysterious, moody and electric in one.  The Zoya Party Girls collection mixes a variety of finishes and tones to make sure all eyes are on you at any winter or holiday soiree.  It has a nice mix of shades, something for everyone.  I think I will skip buying the whole collection but there are a few I need to add to my stash.

Zoya Party Girls (Winter 2017) Blake, Isadora, Landon & Delaney

Zoya Party Girls - Blake - Isadora - Landon - Delaney

No big surprise that the bulk of the ones I want come from the purple and blue toned shades.  I will skip Landon as I feel like I have a few (including Zoya’s) like it.  But Blake, Isadora and Delaney are making it onto my list.  That is assuming they look the same once swatches are available!

  • Blake is a deep refined pearl in a dark sapphire blue
  • Isadora is a rich, refined pearl in a magenta plum
  • Landon is a mysteruous aubergine (eggplant) creme
  • Delaney is a royal multichrome metallic flip

Zoya Party Girls (Winter 2017) Danielle, Kelsey, Sheri & Fallon

Zoya Party Girls - Danielle - Kelsey - Sheri - Fallon

Only Fallon is making it onto my list from these.  I have so many cremes and the other three are not screaming buy me.  If you prefer some bright colours in winter though, they may be perfect.

  • Danielle is a deep, dark periwinkle creme
  • Kelsey is a muted cerise pink creme
  • Sheri is a must have midtoned garnet red creme
  • Fallon is another midtone violet magenta refined pearl

Zoya Party Girls (Winter 2017) Tawny, Nadia, Ming & Solstice

Zoya Party Girls - Tawny - Nadia - Solstice - Ming

I feel like Solstice could either be a really nice almost neutral or give me horrible lobster hands.  So reserving judgement on it until I see swatches.  Nadia is a topper rather than a polish so waiting to see that too but likely making my list.

  • Tawny is a deep coppery rose sparkling metallic
  • Nadia is a buildable sparkling ginger gold metallic disco topper
  • Ming is a midtone scarlet red creme
  • Solstice is a sparkling persimmon orange metallic

These launch on October 15th direct from Zoya.  Nail Polish Canada usually has them fairly soon after launch now so no waiting weeks to get them or worrying about customs!  Which ones made your list?

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3 Replies to “Zoya Party Girls Winter/Holiday 2017 Release”

  1. I definitely see about 7 that I want. Blake, Isadora, Delaney, Tawny, Nadia, Solstice, and possibly Fallon. I can’t wait to see swatches.

  2. 2 questions…what is a disco topper and what is metallic flip?

    1. I am guessing a disco topper (their words) is a micro glitter topper. The metallic flips are usually duochromes

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