Alter Ego T’s Double Shot Acetone Additive (IEC Exclusive)

Alter Ego Ts Double Shot Acetone Additive IEC Exclusive 2

If you have ever used 100% acetone, you know how strong it is. Using occasionally is fine, but if you soak off gel polish (or worse, acrylics) or change your polish a lot, it can really dry out your cuticles. Alter Ego Acetone Additives are made with glycerin, Vitamin E oil and fragrance oil. It reduces […]

Weleda Cuticle Softener and Nail Care Pen Reviews

Weleda Cuticle Softener and Nail Care Pen Reviews

As someone who applies cuticle oil religiously, I will admit that I found these Weleda products a little gimmicky when they arrived but I have come to love them.  The Weleda Nail Care Pen is basically a thick gel style cuticle oil with a brush tip applicator.  The Weleda Cuticle Softener Pen is a little […]

Miss Spa Deep Therapy Hand Masks Review

Miss Spa Deep Therapy Glove Hand Masks Review

Hand masks are a regular self care item for me.  Between swatching lots of polishes from Indie Expo Canada, trying out two kinds false nails and general hand dryness, hand masks are a must.  They just help more than hand cream which I use regularly too.  I got this pair of Miss Spa Deep Therapy […]

Getting Stronger, Healthier Nails with iHerb

Stronger Nails with iHerb Canada

Between health issues, doing more around the house with my boyfriend injured and stress of dealing with his injury, my nails have been a mess and I have been trying anything and everything to make them healthier.  So I have teamed up with iHerb to provide this sponsored post showing some nail and cuticle health […]

Why Use Acetone Additive + Girly Bits OMG Becky, Look at Her Acetone! Review

Why You Need Acetone Additive - Girly Bits OMG Becky Look At Her Acetone Reviews

While pure acetone is certainly more effective at removing polish, the drying effects are fairly obvious.  That nasty white residue and dry cuticles, especially when you use a lot of acetone swatching.   This is where acetone additives come in.  Many indies make them and they vary a little by brand, but are generally scented glycerin […]

Ever After Fruit Loops Cuticle Crelly & Cuticle Oil

Ever After Fruit Loops Cuticle Crelly and Cuticle Oil Pen Reviews

With my boyfriend out of commission, I have been doing all of the housework, carrying his walker and heavy bags of cat litter etc up and down the stairs.  It has taken a toll on my nails as has the lack of sleep and other stuff going on in my life.  So I recently got […]

Cuter Cuticles Indie Expo Canada 2018 Shopping Guide

Cuter Cuticles IEC2018 Shopping Guide

I think most Indie Expo Canada shoppers will have at least heard of Cuter Cuticles.  Sammy is pretty active in the nail community and her products are available through Polish Pickup too.  But if you have never tried them, here is a guide to let you know just what barrier butter is and more as […]

Cuter Cuticles Polish Pickup April 2018 – Phone Home Cuticle Oil & Moon Pie Barrier Butter

Cuter Cuticles - Polish Pickup April 2018 - Moon Pie Barrier Butter and Phone Home Cuticle Oil - Collage

If you are not familiar with Polish Pickup, they bring together a huge list of indie polish makers, nail care, skincare and more.  Each month, they make an exclusive product based on a theme.  For April, they chose Across The Universe – Planets and Galaxies.  I got a sneak peek at the options available from […]

KISS Hand & Nail Mask Gloves Review

Kiss Hand and Nail Glove Masks Review

Despite constant lotion, my hands are always dry.  So I love a regular hand mask.  I usually use FaceQ ones because they are cheap and sold at the Asian grocery store near me so are convenient.  But I came across this KISS Hand & Nail Mask Gloves at Walmart recently.  You know why I had […]