COLAB Paradise Dry Shampoo Review

COLAB Paradise Dry Shampoo Review Canada

I like to pretend I only use dry shampoo in winter when the mornings are dark and getting up early to straighten seems like too much.  But summer is too hot for styling and I don’t have hair you can air dry.  So yeah, dry shampoo is a must have.  Because who wants to be using a hair dryer and straightening iron when it is hot, humid and the AC doesn’t reach the bathroom?

Dry shampoos can be fussy though.  Some are too sticky.  Some leave white residue.  Others just stink.  Seriously, I tried one that I could smell ALL DAY and it was not pleasant.  COLAB doesn’t do the dark hair variety, but excels in making sure their dry shampoos easily brush out without leaving white residue.  I say that, but I mean as long as you don’t spray too much too close to the roots otherwise you will see white powder.

COLAB Dry Shampoo in Paradise Scent

COLAB Paradise Dry Shampoo Review

COLAB dry shampoos are also super cute looking.  Their new look packaging came out in the UK before it made it over here but now that it did, I need all of them just to look pretty in my bathroom.  I recently tried out their new summery scent, COLAB Paradise Dry Shampoo.  It is a sweeter tropical coconut based scent making you think of beaches and cocktails instead of the commute in the 35c heat.

It performs well like the original scented (which now comes in cute pink packaging).  If you prefer volume, they do have a volumizing one too but I prefer the original formula.  Once applied, simply brush out well and no white residue!  I just redid my roots too so I could actually tell if there was white left behind.   It isn’t sticky and doesn’t leave your hair feeling heavy and stiff like some.

Whether you are avoiding the heat like me, or just want to get out and enjoy it, that extra day between washes can save so much time. COLAB Dry Shampoos are available at Rexall Pharamplus, London Drugs, Guardian IDA, Brunet and more.  You can also order direct from FarleyCo Beauty.

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