Canadian Indie Perfume Brands

Canadian Indie Perfume Brands - Beginners Guide

If you are anything like me, the $10 fee from Customs plus high shipping costs will make you wary of trying brands from the US and spending enough to get to free shipping from them. Luckily, we do have some Canadian brands to try out. Stereoplasm Stereoplasm is probably the biggest and well known of […]

Stereoplasm The Cats Perfumes

Stereoplasm Soft Cat Boho Cat Munchie Cat Reviews

The Stereoplasm Cats collection included eight scents and I picked up four of them. The original release included Ballroom Cat, Boho Cat, Crunchy Cat, Munchie Cat, Orchard Cat, Snoozy Cat, Soft Cat, and Stretchy Cat. I will review Snoozy Cat separately as I use it more as a sleep scent than daytime perfume. stereoplasm soft cat […]

Death & Floral Sweet Kitties (Custom Indie Perfumes)

Death and Floral Cat Customs Indie Perfume Review

Introducing the Sweet Kitties from Death & Floral. Combining my love of cats and sweet scents, I got these as part of an indie secret santa gift. I was lucky enough to get these  just before Brim from Death & Floral changed to a lottery system for customs so getting a set isn’t as easy […]

Solstice Scents Manor Perfume Review

Solstice Scents Manor Perfume Oil Review 1

With an extensive nail polish collection and working at home away from a scent free work place, I have been exploring indie perfume options. Some of the first ones I tried and loved are from Solstice Scents. If you are not familiar with indie perfumes, they are often inspired by something, and in the case […]