Alter Ego Chocolatier Review and Swatches

Alter Ego Chocolatier Swatches and Review

Alter Ego Chocolatier Swatches and Review 2

Inspired by smooth, creamy melted milk chocolate. A fine pearlized shimmer with just a hint of gold

Chocolatier was on of the top choices on my list when Cynthia from Alter Ego offered to let me choose a few bottles for helping out in her Egomaniacs facebook group and at Indie Expo Canada. It is a touch more copper than just milk chocolate with a pearl finish.

Alter Ego Chocolatier Indie Nail Polish Swatches

Alter Ego Chocolatier Swatches and Review 3

Shown with three coats although it looked pretty opaque with just two. The pearl-metallic finish did show some brush strokes as formulas like that often do but it was minimal and seemed to smooth the look with top coat. This one wears well. I have been meaning to take it off since Monday and it is still on my nails with only a little tip wear after a week.

Alter Ego Chocolatier Swatches and Review 4

It is an older polish and around since at least 2016. Cynthia rarely retires polishes from the Alter Ego core lineup unless she can’t get the ingredients. Obviously that excludes Makers Dozen polishes which are capped at 40 bottles and any boxes with rules sold through her own store.

Alter Ego Chocolatier Swatches and Review

Alter Ego Chocolatier Overview

  • Coats required:  Two is probably fine for most people. I added a third but I don’t think I really needed it unless under my photo lights. Shown with glossy top coat.
  • Dry time:  good
  • Wear time: Good, worn for almost a week with little to no obvious tip wear which is great for the type of pearl/metallic formula
  • Issues: shows some brush strokes
  • Colour: metallic chocolate brown with a coppery finish from the pearl formula and hint of gold
  • Buy It: $10 US. Buy direct from Alter Ego. Enter coupon code TEANAILPOLISH to save 20% on your purchase.

Disclosed as a PR Sample as I do have a connection to Alter Ego as a Facebook Mod but this was sent as a gift with no expectation of blog post

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  1. Not normally a fan of brown, but this is okay!

  2. This is such a pretty polish shade! Love the finish!

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