Mojo Hydrotherapy Review

Mojo HydroTherapy Review - Craftadian Hamilton

Mojo HydroTherapy Review - Craftadian Hamilton

Craftadian’s Hamilton Market is tomorrow and there is a new to me bath & body brand there this time. Mojo Hydrotherapy is a local brand, made in Hamilton. Danielle started the company as part of her Niagara College entrepreneur class final project. She managed to get a government grant and some other funding to start her own business using natural botanicals, extracts and minerals to aid in mental and physical healing.

The Mojo Hydrotherapy line has grown since Danielle started the company in 2016 and now includes face masks, serums and CBD infused salves and bath bombs. I got the opportunity to try some of her goodies ahead of the show so find out what I thought of them and you can check them out in person tomorrow. Craftadian is at McMaster Innovation Park starting at 10am, but get there early. The holiday market is popular and they give out goodie bags to the first 50 people in line. Admission is $5 but you can save a few dollars at the door with a donation of an item to The Shoebox Project.

Mojo Hydrotherapy Vanilla Amber Bath Bomb

Mojo HydroTherapy Vanilla Amber Bathbomb Review - Craftadian Hamilton

The Vanilla Amber bath bomb is new to the Mojo Hydrotherapy lineup so be sure to check it out at Craftadian or one of her stockists. My British upbringing means I love a nice soak. I find baths very relaxing especially when the tub doesn’t need a heavy scrub after. This warm scented vanilla musk and amber wood bath bomb had lots of oils but not so much it left that weird scum left by some bombs. It rinsed away easily with a wipe. It is made with biodegradeable glitter and just a small amount so you are not a walking glitter bomb when you get out of the tub!

This one I would definitely pick up again. It is $6 for the regular bath bomb or pick up a duo of CBD infused cannabath bombs in the same scent to help with muscle or body pain. On my nails is Paint it Pretty Polish Santa Stop Here, also available in person at Craftadian, full swatches here.

Mojo Hydrotherapy You Can’t Sitz With Us – Sitz Bath Melts

Mojo HydroTherapy sitz Bath Melts Review - Craftadian Hamilton

You can tell I have never had a kid because I needed to look up was a padsicle is (spoiler, it is a healing cold pack for down there). Mojo Hydrotherapy You Can’t Sitz With Us bath melts are made with epsom salts, aloe vera, witch hazel, coconut oil, calendula and plaintain leaf. All healing ingredients, great for after childbirth and even hemorrhoids or healing wounds. They have a rougher feel to the bomb and don’t fix like a bath bomb. Crumble them up as the water pours to melt it quicker.

I did like these, not as much as the amber one which grabbed my attention with glitter. But he stole the second one for his many cuts and scrapes from work. Since he thinks most of my bath stuff is overpriced lotions and potions but liked this, definitely a thumbs up. I am probably not the target market for it but they do make a great foot soak. $16 gets you two large sitz melt bombs.

Mojo Hydrotherapy Holy Grail Face Mask

Mojo HydroTherapy Holy Grail Face Mask Review - Craftadian Hamilton 2

Bath bombs are made by almost every indie bath & body brand but face masks are harder to find, especially sheet masks. The Holy Grail Face Mask by Mojo Hydrotherapy is meant for dry, dull and drab skin. It is made with aloe vera gel, prickly pear serum, green tea extract, royal jelly and more.

Mojo HydroTherapy Holy Grail Face Mask Review - Craftadian Hamilton

I did enjoy this and it made my skin feel great, although it tingled a little when first on. The shape of the mask is a bit unusual with the eye cutouts on top and the nose is quite short. It fit my face ok, just different than many sheet masks. They are on sale for $6 on her website right now, not sure if the pricing at Craftadian will be the same but worth checking out.

Mojo Hydrotherapy Activated Charcoal Tooth Polish

Mojo HydroTherapy Activated Charcoal Tooth Polish Review - Craftadian Hamilton

Another less usual offering from indie bath and body companies, Mojo Hydrotherapy also offers an activated charcoal tooth polish that gets your teeth whiter in just one use. Like all activated charcoal tooth polishes, it should be used carefully. Brush gently with it two times a week and still use a regular toothpaste for cavity protection. This is a loose powder so be careful opening it. I had it on my coffee table while taking photos, a nosy cat (Roo, of course) jumped up and black powder everywhere.

Find Danielle at Craftadian tomorrow at Innovation Park in Hamilton starting at 10am or she sells online or at one of her many stockists.


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