Alter Ego Beating The Cancer Blues (Charity Polish for Laura)

Alter Ego Beating The Cancer Blues Swatches 4 - Laura Callahan Hazard

Alter Ego Beating The Cancer Blues Bottle - Laura Callahan Hazard

Some of you may know that I mod the Alter Ego fan group on Facebook. If you are familiar with the group or many other indie polish groups, you have likely heard of Laura Callahan Hazard. She is the other mod in the group and very active in the indie community. She even came up to Canada for Indie Expo Canada last year.

Sadly, Laura recently found out that she has stage 4 cervical cancer that has spread to not only her entire pelvic region but to her abdomen, ribs, lungs and lymph nodes. She went to hospital to start treatment to find she had other complications too. After placing stents in both kidneys, she started radiation but her diagnosis is not good and she was recently told that it is terminal and she may only have a week or two left.

Laura, along with her husband, work as live in caregivers to two adults with intellectual disabilities. You may have heard her talk about “her ladies”. Even if she gets a miracle and radiation works, if she can’t work while undergoing treatments, she may have to find a place to live while dealing with all of these health issues. A Go Fund Me page is now set up and Cynthia has made a custom polish with $5 from every bottle going to Laura and her family.

Update Dec 17th: Laura has announced that she has chosen to enter hospice care as the treatments would significantly reduce her quality of life with a low chance of success due to the aggressive nature of her cancer. 

The colour and name was chosen by Laura, so here is Alter Ego Beating The Cancer Blues. A navy holo, it is dark and vampy with a beautiful holo sparkle. Laura chose the colour after hearing that dark polish can help protect the nails while undergoing treatments, but didn’t want to wear a black polish. It is only $10 so very affordable and Cynthia offers free shipping with purchases of $25 or more in the US.

Alter Ego Beating The Cancer Blues Swatches

Alter Ego Beating The Cancer Blues Swatches - Laura Callahan Hazard

My nails are a mess. I should have swatched this yesterday but the bottle was so cold I worried I would snap the neck. So last night, I am making dinner and Daisy (my bratty cat) decides she is interested. She has never jumped on the stove but she jumps up over my back, clawing my shoulder. I drop the fork I am using to grab her before she goes head first into boiling water. The fork drops prongs down managing to stab me in the big toe. I flipped an empty pan over landing on my other foot and breaking the nails on my ring finger and thumb. The noise freaks her out and she claws me again, jumping down from my arms narrowly missing the stove top again. No regard for me saving her, she swipes at the back of my ankle for more claw marks before retreating to the other side of the kitchen with her tail puffed up to the size of her head.

The fork got me between the nail and fleshy part of the toe and again beside that so blood everywhere and she decides to jump up again like it is some sort of game! Anyway, I am now hobbling around with puncture marks and claw marks in my foot and clearly do not know how to file my nails because they look like trash with dark polish on. Nothing compared to what Laura is going through, but I had no falsies and had to explain the crappy nails that do her polish no justice.

Alter Ego Beating The Cancer Blues Swatches 2 - Laura Callahan Hazard

Alter Ego Beating The Cancer Blues Swatches 3 - Laura Callahan Hazard

Alter Ego Beating The Cancer Blues Swatches 4 - Laura Callahan Hazard

Alter Ego Beating The Cancer Blues (Charity Polish for Laura) Overview

  • Coats required:  2, this is pretty opaque as I usually need a third to cover a strong visible nail line.
  • Dry time:  good
  • Wear time: Untested, I just got this and wanted to share it so might you have time to get it for Christmas
  • Issues: none
  • Colour: Dark blue holo
  • Buy It: $10 US. Buy direct from Alter Ego. $5 from every bottle will go to Laura Callahan-Hazard. Ships worldwide but free shipping only available in the US with a $25 minimum spend.

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