Earth Month Nails

Earth Month Nails - Alter Ego Hold Onto Your Butts BP124 Swatches

Each month, we choose a theme for the Canadian Beauty Bloggers to focus on.  This month, we chose Earth Day.  Bloggers featured green brands and looks through the month.  While we were all about Easter for a while, we didn’t want to miss out for #CBBxManiMonday so today, Cosmetic ProofPrairie Beauty Love and See the World in Pink and I are doing Earth Month nail art!

The Born Pretty travel plate featuring a stamping image of the world has been sitting in my collection for a while.  So I thought it was the perfect time to use the BP-124 round stamping plate. I only used the glove part and none of the monuments, obviously.  The centre image was large enough to fit even on my thumb without removing the stuff around it.

Earth Month Nails - Alter Ego Hold Onto Your Butts BP124 Swatch

Base colour is Alter Ego Hold Onto Your Butts from their Velocirapture collection.  This foil blue is only one coat! I love this collection for the one coat goodness when I am doing my nails in a rush.  Like doing Earth Month nails at 6am on the day they are supposed to go up on the blog.

Stamping is Born Pretty BP-124 round stamping plate (not very Earth Month of me shipping it across the world, but it did at least come with a bunch of others).  Stamping polish is Hit the Bottle On The Loose with Chartreuse, a limited edition from the first Indie Expo Canada show.


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