Trying Almay’s Latest Releases

Almay 2019 Spring Summer New Products Swatches

Almay 2019 Spring Summer New Products Swatches

Almay has been one of those brands that doesn’t pop into my head when purchasing new products despite good experiences with them in the past.  I actually love their foundations and trying these out reminded me to buy some of their TLC foundation.  But they have some new and exciting new products that is changing that and I have some first impressions to share with you today.

Almay Eyeshadow Swatches

Almay Eyeshadow Reviews

Their eyeshadows are quite subtle when applied dry with a brush but show well when applied with fingers or a damp brush. I tried a trio named Smoldering Embers and two of the quads.  Own It is a set of four golds while Cause a Stir has some classic browns.

Almay 110 Cause A Stir Swatches

Almay Eyeshadow 110 Cause a Stir Swatches and Review

Cause a Stir by Almay has a matte shade, a glittery one and two shimmery browns.  All are very similar in tone but do show differently.  They combine well for a neutral look but would probably benefit from one lighter shade

Almay 230 Own It Swatches

Almay Eyeshadow 230 Own It Swatches and Review

Own It by Almay is a bit more usable as a lone quad compared to Cause a Stir but is quite shimmery with no crease colour. This one definitely benefits from a damp brush as they were very subtle applied dry. A slightly coppery golden shade, I really like the bottom right shade.

Almay 020 Smoldering Embers Swatches

Almay Eyeshadow 020 Smoldering Embers Swatches and Review

The trio makes a go to look easy.  They recommended the red toned shade in the crease which I wouldn’t usually do but looked good.  Full swatches on this coming soon but two swipes with a damp brush shown above.

Almay Velvet Foil Eyeshadows

Almay Velvet Foil Eyeshadow Reviews

Almay Velvet Cream Shadows are something “different” from Almay.  They come in a nice sized tube and have great pigmentation.  You do need to check to see if oil is coming out when you first use them.  The red shade was terrible on the first use but once I got to the regular formula, it worked well. A little goes a very long way with these so start with the tiniest amount then build the colour up.

Almay Velvet Foil Eyeshadow Swatches

Almay Velvet Foil in Paradise Found, Ruby Glam & Infinite Sky

  • Velvet Foil in Paradise Foundis an olive green with a golden glitter. It has great lasting power and you can apply more or less for different looks.  It does require a little more scrubbing to remove than the other shades I tried.
  • Almay Velvet Foil in Ruby Glam is probably the least like the packaging. It is more purple in tone than ruby. It does benefit from applying thin layers as it was a bit chunky.  This may be due to the separated oil that came out when I first used it.
  • Infinite Sky from the Velvet Foil collection is a sky blue with a slight silver shimmer. It had the smoothest formula, perhaps because it has shimmer rather than glitter.

I saw some shades from other bloggers of shades I want to pick up from the Velvet Foil collection.

Swatches: Almay Goddess Gloss in Fairy & Mystic

Almay Goddess Gloss Lip Gloss Swatches and Review

The Almay Goddess Gloss collection is super glittery but it is a comfortable shimmer and not chunky feeling on the lips. Goddess Gloss in Mystic is a light purple with pink, blue and silver shimmer.  Fairy Goddess Gloss is a light to medium pink with gold and pink glitter. These definitely work better over a lip colour on my pale lips.

Almay Make Therm Jelly Highlighters in 24K Dreams & Unicorn Light

Almay Jelly Highlighters Swatches and Review

These are a bit chunky and glittery for my liking.  I prefer a more subtle sheen than glitter in my highlighters. It was a bit disappointing as the formula just melts into the skin.  The second shade from the Own It eyeshadow quad made a good highlight though.

More in-depth reviews on these and the other products to come soon.  Which products do you want to try from these collections?

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