Citizen Tea Rooibos Chocolate Tea Review

Citizen Tea Rooibos Chocolate Tea Review - Loose Tea

Citizen Tea Rooibos Chocolate Tea Review - Brewed

Switching it up from the many DAVIDsTEA releases with a sweet dessert tea from Citizen Tea this week.  Rooibos Chocolate doesn’t make me think banana right away, but this has a fair amount of banana in it.  That being said, the banana and chocolate are quite subtle and it is more of a rooibos tea with chocolate than a chocolate flavoured tea.

If you are not familiar with Citizen Tea, the brand comes from the original owner of Teaopia.  Teaopia brought me my first steeper, long before Teavana or DAVIDsTEA were in my life.  They are starting to open stores in malls now so you can experience the tea before buying online.  But if shopping online, refresh the page, I usually get a few different offers as I navigate the site.

Citizen Tea Rooibos Chocolate Ingredients & Steeping Instructions

Citizen Tea Rooibos Chocolate Tea Review - Loose Tea

Ingredients: Rooibos, pieces of banana, cocoa shells, walnuts, chocolate drops (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, clarified butter, low fat cocoa powder, emulsifier(soy)), coconut rasps, flavouring.

Steeping Instructions: 1 teaspoon per cup of boiling water.  Steep for 6-8 minutes for full flavour.  If you get one of their little spoons with your order, it is a little over 2 teaspoons.

Price: $8.75 per 50g bag but you can pick up a generous 5 cup sample for 2.75.  Pricing current as of September 2018.

Citizen Tea Rooibos Chocolate Tea Review

Citizen Tea Rooibos Chocolate Tea Review - Latte

Maybe because I just got the sample pack and they can vary, but mine didn’t have many chocolate drops in it.  That may account for it being less chocolatey than I expected.  The banana came through a little more than the chocolate adding a nice sweetness to the rooibos flavour.

Adding milk to make Citizen Tea Rooibos Chocolate into a tea latte brought out the chocolate flavour a little.  Not quite chocolate-banana muffin as it is not cakey tasting but that kind of flavour.  A little chocolate agave made this one perfect for me.

It does contain banana, walnuts and coconut.  They are easily identified online but if someone offers you a cuppa, good to know that it does have some potential allergens as it doesn’t sound like it would include them from the name.

Citizen Tea is opening a store near me soon, so expect lots more reviews on their teas!  And lots more mentions of me drinking their Black Pearls tea because I love it.

Citizen Tea Rooibos Chocolate Tea Review - Latte - Steeping - Ingredients


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