Sea Creature Nail Art with Turtle Tootsie Polish

Sea Creature Nail Art CBBxManiMonday July 23

Sea Creature Nail Art CBBxManiMonday July 23

Another CBBxManiMonday post!  This week we chose sea creatures as our theme.  I have had Bundle Monster’s BMS166 “Under The Sea” stamping plate for ages unused so seemed like a good time to try it.  Plus, I needed a blue base, and Turtle Tootsie Polishes fits the theme!

Polishes used in my sea creature look:

  • Base: Turtle Tootsie Polishes Your car needs ONE space not TWO! (Pet Peeves Collection)
  • Stamping outlines: Mundo de Unas Joy
  • Silver: Holo There Beautiful by Hit the Bottle
  • Green: On The Loose with Chartreuse by Hit the Bottle (IEC Exclusive 2017)
  • Blue: Honolulu Blue by Hit the Bottle (Holo)
  • Gold: A Glint of Gold by Hit the Bottle (Holo)
  • Brown/Gold: Mundo de Unas Copper
  • Red: Drop Red Gorgeous by Hit the Bottle

Sea Creature Nail Art CBBxManiMonday July 23 - Shark Week

Sea creatures coincides with Shark Week.  While I didn’t want to do all shark nails, I did use their adorable looking shark on my thumb.  Filled in with holographic polishes to make the shark a little cuter.

Sea Creature Nail Art CBBxManiMonday July 23 swatch

On the other fingers, I used a different sea creature for each.  Stamping on to my UberChic mat and making a decal.  I chose Hit the Bottle stamping polishes to colour in the creatures as they have great opacity without using white behind them to make the colour pop.

Review of the nails is coming soon, but they are MAKARTT Full Cover Stiletto nails from Amazon if you want to try them.  I am thinking of getting enhancements and am trying different shapes so expect the nails to change a bit over the coming weeks.

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