Ciate Star Struck Swatches

Ciate Star Struck Nail Polish Swatches and Review

Another CBBxManiMonday.  This week we are all feeling a little lazy and going for glitter.  Just to be extra lazy, I used peel off base coat because scrubbing glitter off my nails is not something I want to spend the holiday doing.  Ciate Star Struck has been sitting in my collection for a while.  It is a silver based glitter with scatted holographic glitter.  Very textured but has great coverage.  You don’t need to use the makeup sponge technique to get full coverage in two coats.

Ciate Star Struck Swatches

Ciate Star Struck Nail Polish Swatches - Review

Out of focus nail but look at that pretty sparkle!  Ciate describes Star Struck as: Be dazzled with this ultra glitz polish in an eye-popping silver. Nice to get an accurate description online.

Ciate Star Struck Nail Polish Swatches - Holo Macro

Under my lights, you can see a little nail line and small bald spots but they are not noticeable to the naked eye.  The holographic glitter in Ciate Star Struck is quite big but sparkles nicely even in indoor lighting.  I used peel off base coat so no removal test, but it is very textured so I imagine it would need to be scrubbed off.  It is a top coat hungry polish.  I have one coat on and it barely made a difference.  Ciate Star Struck was still very textured once the top coat dried.

Ciate Star Struck Nail Polish Swatches

Ciate Star Struck Nail Polish Overview

  • Coats required:  Two coats.  Shown with UNT peel off base coat and Alter Ego She Shines top coat.  Sponge method is not needed for full opacity.
  • Dry time:  Decent for a glitter which tend to be slower than other polishes
  • Wear time: Untested since I wore it with peel off base coat for a day only
  • Issues:  Very top coat hungry.
  • Colour: Silver glitter with holographic glitter

For more glitter themed #CBBxManiMonday looks, check out Cosmetic Proof and Prairie Beauty Love. See the World in Pink is taking a break this week to enjoy the summer.

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