Quo by Orly Breathable Fresh Start & The Antidote

Quo by Orly Breathable The Antidote Frest Start Nail Vinyl

Quo by Orly Breathable The Antidote Frest Start Nail Vinyl

As much time as I spend changing my nail colour, I hate waiting for multiple coats to dry so I was excited when I heard about the new line of Breathable nail polishes from Quo by Orly.  These colours promise two coat coverage but with a built in base and top coat as well as technology to make your nails stronger.  As you can tell, I broke my ring finger nail AGAIN so I am all for things that will make my nails stronger!

Quo Breathable All in One Base coat Colour and Top Coat

Now I know, you are screaming the old “Nails don’t breathe” thing at me, but we all know that they love cuticle oil and absorb water.  The technology in the new Quo by Orly Breathable line is similar to that of a contact lens, they allow oxygen and hydration to pass through which promotes nail growth and are great for damaged nails.  They have nice medium length wide brushes that make the polish a dream to apply.  Seriously, no cleanup on the base coat in my swatch, just the red nail art to show you how well they apply for “regular people” who do not have clean up brushes and the like.

Quo by Orly Breathable The Antidote Frest Start Swatches Nail Art

I decided to do some simple nail art with Quo by Orly Breathable in Fresh Start and The Antidote using some floral vinyls I picked up from Born Pretty a while back.

Quo by Orly Breathable in Fresh Start is a light minty green.  It does not suffer from that chalky look of pastels even without top coat and is fully opaque in two coats.  Dry time is good, I was able to apply vinyls without issue after just ten minutes.

Quo by Orly Breathable in The Antidote is  cherry red compared to the other reds in the collection. It gets quite dark with two coats as you can see by how opaque the flowers are with one coat used for the floral vinyls.  It has a slightly thinner consistency than Fresh Start but not enough to flood the cuticle and a third coat dries quickly for a dark cherry red shade.

Quo by Orly Breathable Colours Shades Swatches

Quo by Orly Breathable is exclusive to Shoppers Drug Mart.  You will find 18 new shades ranging from the palest neutrals to dark red and purple in stores starting at the end of July.  Quo by Orly Breathable polishes will be priced at $10.99 each – and with no basecoat or topcoat needed, you can get more colours!

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16 Replies to “Quo by Orly Breathable Fresh Start & The Antidote”

  1. Honestly, I would probably still want to use my base and top coat because I wouldn’t want to wait for this to dry. The colours look great though, and I love the nail art you did!

  2. Great review, very detailed and informative.

  3. I really like those colors together.

  4. Ohh, these sound really interesting! I love the nail art that you did!

  5. Ohh I just got 6 of these and cannot wait to try them! Fresh Start was one I grabbed too!

    1. I always thought you were in the US or did you get them from Orly and not Quo by Orly? I know they usually have the same releases here under the Quo label

  6. These look very cool. I may have to try some of them out. I can’t get the nails on my right hand to stop breaking, so I feel your pain. <3 I like the manicure you did. <3

  7. They sound quite intriguing! My index fingers won’t stop breaking lately.

    1. It is the ring finger for me, I have broken it 3 times in the last 2 months or so

  8. Sronger Than Ever looks amazing in the bottle shot!

    1. I have that one on my wishlist 🙂 Not out in stores yet though

  9. What. Beautiful collo!

  10. They sound very interesting! And they are so pretty together in this nail art! Super chic!

  11. Ooooh these look promising! I’m picky with nail polish, I like QUO by Orly.

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