Fiendish Fancies You Are Beautiful Swatches

Fiendish Fancies You Are Beautiful Swatches and Review

An oldie today but I am trying to wear more colours that I don’t usually wear.  Pinks are probably my least worn colour of the ones that look decent on my skin tone.  I skip some colours because they just don’t suit me but pink is just not something I wear a lot.  I think it goes back to being a kid and my mum dressing us in matching pink outfits and not wanting to look the same as my sisters so wearing all black.

Fiendish Fancies You Are Beautiful Swatches (AHS-03)

Fiendish Fancies You Are Beautiful Swatches

You are Beautiful by Fiendish Fancies is a candy floss inspired pink shimmer from the Freakiest Show trio released in 2016.  It is listed does have some holo in it but is very fine and gives it more of a glow than a real holo look.

It has decent opacity from the almost foil like formula.  Not a one coater but covered my usually very visible nail line easily in two coats.  Like many polishes with this kind of formula, you do see some brush strokes.  They are less noticeable to the naked eye than a close up with my camera.

Despite being at least a year old and previously used, the formula had a great consistency and had not overly settled with no separation.

Shown below with a sheer white stamping polish and the bubbles from BM-XL25 stamping plate.  Topped with satin matte top coat.

Fiendish Fancies You Are Beautiful Swatches - Matte with stamping

Fiendish Fancies You Are Beautiful Overview

  • Coats required:  Two for full opacity (shown with top coat)
  • Dry time:  Good, nails were dry enough for the second coat after finishing the first
  • Wear time: Unknown, only wore it for a day before swatching other polishes
  • Issues:  None.  It does suffer from some brush strokes but that is normal for the type of formula and is not really obvious to the naked eye thanks to the glowy formula
  • Colour: Candy floss pink
  • Buy It: Direct from Fiendish Fancies ($13 for 15ml)

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