Alter Ego Nice Boy Swatches (Velocirapture Collection)

Alter Ego Nice Boy Swatches and Review

Alter Ego - Nice Boy - Thumb Bottle

Look at me saving purple til last.  Impressive as it is usually the first one on my nails!  This is the final of the five polish Alter Ego Velocirapture collection.  Nice Boy by Alter Ego is a foil like lavender.  It has a chrome base that helps give a smooth glowy finish.  But if you are going to get brush strokes with any of the collection, it is this one.  A little less opaque than the others in the collection you do need two coats but it still stamps well.

Alter Ego - Nice Boy - Bottle Brush

Alter Ego - Nice Boy - Brush Shot

Alter Ego Nice Boy Swatches

Alter Ego - Nice Boy - One Coat Opacity

With the others in the Velocirapture collection, I used a second coat just to add depth and cover my often visible nail line.  Nice Boy is less opaque so I grabbed a photo with one coat here.  You can see it is close to being a one coater and if you do really thick coats, you might get away with it.  But some areas, while not bare, were not opaque.

Onto actual swatches, shown with two “regular” coats and top coat.

Alter Ego - Nice Boy - Swatch in Artificial Lighting 2

Alter Ego - Nice Boy - Swatch in Artificial Lighting

Shown in artificial lighting, Alter Ego Nice Boy is a very wearable purple.  I mean, most of us love purples anyway but this one is bright yet feminine and I got away with it at work.  The chrome base gives it that bright glow under the lights.   In natural light (sorry, no sunlight shots, did this one at 6am), the silvery chrome base cools the purple and it is less glowing.  You get slightly less pink tones to the colour shown here.

Alter Ego Nice Boy Stamping Test

Alter Ego - Nice Boy - Stamping Test 2

Alter Ego - Nice Boy - Stamping Test

While it is less opaque compared to the other Velocirapture collection polishes, Alter Ego Nice Boy still stamps fairly well.  You definitely get more of a silver colour over black.  A touch of purple, but not the same colour shown on the nail.  It stamps quite well over white too but a decently opaque creme might look better as the chrome base showed flecks over the white.

Alter Ego Nice Boy Swatches and Review

Alter Ego Forever In Amber (Velocirapture Collection) Overview

  • Coats required:  2 coats (it is less opaque compared to the rest of the collection).  Shown with top coat.
  • Dry time:  Good, nails were dry enough for the second coat
  • Wear time: Good
  • Issues:  None
  • Colour: Lavender with a chrome base
  • Buy It:  Available through Alter Egos website later this month or get them early when you shop at Indie Expo Canada.  Not a limited edition polish.


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  1. cynthia decker says: Reply

    Thank you for your thorough review! Your mani and photos are breathtaking!

  2. kristen visser says: Reply

    oh my gosh! that color is gorgeous. I love the bit of sparkle to it as well. I definitely do not have a color anywhere close to that. that needs to change

    1. It is so glowy too. I have a lot of similar shades but this one is a keeper (plus it stamps)

  3. nice color

  4. Cheryl Grandy says: Reply

    Beautiful colour! Thanks for doing such a through review.

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