KISS Hand & Nail Mask Gloves Review

Kiss Hand and Nail Glove Masks Review

Despite constant lotion, my hands are always dry.  So I love a regular hand mask.  I usually use FaceQ ones because they are cheap and sold at the Asian grocery store near me so are convenient.  But I came across this KISS Hand & Nail Mask Gloves at Walmart recently.  You know why I had […]

KISS Full Cover Active Square Nails Review

Kiss Full Cover Nails Review using My Indie Polish Candi

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been trying our a bunch of artificial nails.  Some have been terrible and some decent.  I would’t say I have found the perfect set yet but KISS Full Cover Nails are affordable and work for my nails.  I picked up a pack of 100 for under […]