Revlon Molten Magic Swatches & Review (HoloChrome Collection)

Revlon Molten Magic Swatches Holochromes

Revlon Molten Magic Swatches

As I said with Revlon Blushing, the chrome part of Revlon’s Holochrome collection is more brushed metal than actual chrome.  They advertise them as such, so not a huge deal, but would have been nice to see some actual drug store chromes.  It is rare to see one come close without being a chrome powder though, so these are a nice addition to the drug store line up for Revlon. Molten Magic is their silver brushed metallic polish and available in drug stores and anywhere Revlon nail polish is sold for a limited time.  I reviewed Blushing, their rose gold and still have two more to come, so check back!

Revlon Molten Magic Swatches and Review

Revlon Molten Magic Swatches Holochromes Brush Strokes

Revlon Molten Magic Swatches Holochromes Closeup

Molten Magic by Revlon is a nice silver metallic.  Like most metallics, especially silvers, it does suffer from brush strokes.  But that is to be expected really, some high end ones have the same issues.  It is a nice shade of silver too, not too grey and not too white with a gorgeous shine.  It does tend to pick up lighting, so you will get pink, blue or gold flashes in the lighting making it work well with whatever you are wearing.

Are there better metallics out there? Certainly, but Revlon Molten Magic is affordable at $6.49 regular price and widely available in drug stores right now.  The Revlon Holochrome collection tends to be in special displays rather than with the other Revlon polishes.

Revlon Molten Magic Swatches Holochromes

Revlon Molten Magic Swatches Holochrome Collection

Revlon Molten Magic is fairly opaque.  I am wearing false nails at the moment which are white-ish but it covered them easily in one coat.  You might need two if you have a really visible nail line.  I tried it with two just to see how it applied on the second coat which added some brush strokes, but it looked good with one.

Revlon Molten Magic (Brushed Chrome Metallic) Polish Overview

  • Coats required:  2 coats (shown with top coat)
  • Dry time:  good
  • Wear time: good, I wore it for two days and it still looked decent.  I am hard on my nails so 3-4 days is max for most polishes.
  • Issues: Some brush strokes as is common with metallic polishes
  • Colour: pure silver
  • Buy It:  Major drug stores and anywhere else that sells Revlon nail polish.  Look for it in special displays.


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