My Indie Polish Candi Swatches & Review

My Indie Polish Candi Nail Polish Swatches

My Indie Polish Candi Nail Polish Swatch and Review

The first of ten polishes I bought from the My Indie Polish Thanksgiving Mystery Box Sale is Candi.  Named after a good friend of My Indie Polish maker Tanya, Candi also stands for Challenge Accepted Now Destroying It. Seriously, watch for this sale.  I got ten full size polishes for $55.  Since I had an etsy gift card sitting in my account, it only cost me $30 for the box too.  Can’t go wrong with $3 indies!  Totally doesn’t count against a no buy when it is that cheap right?

My Indie Polish Candi Nail Polish Swatch

Candi was released last year as part of the Hello Toronto collection of which I received three polishes in my mystery box.  While it is supposed to be random polishes, they checked and saw I loved blues and purples so made my box heavy on those and I love them for it!  Talk about going the extra mile.  Anyway, on to the polish.

Candi is described as a deep burgundy tinged plum polish filled with UCC flakies, micro glitter and a dusting of holo sparkle.  I have seen a few swatches of it and it always looked darker and more purple so I was glad to see more of the plummy tones promised on my skintone.  The lighter colour on me also helps bring out some of that beautiful sparkle too.

My Indie Polish Candi Swatches and Review

My Indie Polish Candi Nail Polish Swatches with bottle

Two coats are needed for full opacity and extra sparkle from the flakies and holo.  It has a great formula.  No flooding, dries quickly and is really smooth considering everything it has going on.  I am not sure I would have picked it for my box if I was choosing ten polishes myself but I am in love with it.  The colour works well with my skintone.  I mean, I love purples anyway but this is beautiful on the nail.

My Indie Polish Candi Nail Polish Swatches

My Indie Polish Candi Overview

  • Coats required:  2 coats plus Seche Vite top coat
  • Dry time:  Great, all nails were dry enough for a second coat after painting the first and it dried quickly after top coat.
  • Wear time: great, no tip wear or chips after 3 days (amazing on my nails for a darker polish)
  • Issues: None, has a great formula
  • Colour: plum-purple depending on lighting with flakies heavy on red and blue and some holo .
  • Buy It: Direct from My Indie Polish

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5 Replies to “My Indie Polish Candi Swatches & Review”

  1. This is a lovely Polish!

  2. I wish I could apply nail polish so perfectly! I have to have a pro do my nails or it looks horrible. I really like this polish. I would definitely rock it!

    1. Take an eyeliner brush dipped in pure acetone and run it around your cuticle to clean up the edges, make it look so much better 😉

  3. Haha I love the acronym! This polish looks really pretty with the coloured specks! A cute touch.

  4. I love your nails, I think I will change for square nails soon! I can’t type properly with long almond nails. lol

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