Cuter Cuticles Squattermelon Mani Bombs

Cuter Cuticles - Squattermelon Mani Bomb - Union Cuticle Oil - Indie Expo Canada Purchases

It will come as no surprise that Cuter Cuticles was on my list of tables to stop by at Indie Expo Canada.  Sammy had two limited edition scents I wanted to try (Union and Kensington) plus her new Squattermelon (square-watermelon) mani bombs.  Between the swatches leading up to Indie Expo Canada and all of the polishes I bought at it or have in my to-do pile, my nails need the help!

Cuter Cuticles - Squattermelon Mani Bomb- Indie Expo Canada Purchases

Squattermelon Mani Bombs are made from sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, cornstarch, apricot kernal oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil as well as any perfumes or essential oils needed for this particular scent and colour.

The Cuter Cuticles Squattermelon mani bombs are square (obviously) with a cute pink colour with pale green patches and dotted with black.  Then topped with more green crumbs.

How to use your Cuter Cuticles Squattermelon Mani Bomb

Cuter Cuticles - Squattermelon Mani Bomb Bubbling - Indie Expo Canada Purchases

Simply drop your Squattermelon mani bomb into a bowl of water.  let it fizz away releasing all of the oils while your fingers (or whole hand) soak.  It does leave the water slightly pink scented but there are no extra “bits” in these that float.  I once tried a (non Cuter Cuticles) mani bomb that had harsh glitter in it and managed to cut my wet cuticle on it OUCH

Daisy with Cuter Cuticles Squattermelon Mani Bomb

It has a light watermelon scent.  Not too strong or fake smelling.  Even Daisy approves and she usually takes off as soon as she realizes that something is not edible.

Cuter Cuticles - Squattermelon Mani Bomb In Use - Indie Expo Canada Purchases

My hands were in rough shape after much acetone use (because I still need to order some acetone additive).  So I soaked for 20 minutes while watching tv.  Usually 10 minutes is plenty of time for a mani bomb.  They stop fizzing after less than a minute.  Just enjoy a warm soak with lots of oils to moisturize your hands and cuticles.

Cuter Cuticles - Union Cuticle Oil - Indie Expo Canada Purchases

Dry your hands gently and add cuticle oil for some extra moisture.  I went with one of my new limited edition scents sold at Indie Expo Canada, Union.  It smells like cinnamon buns and baked goods.  If you ever walked through the old Union Station GO, there was a cookie place right at the back where the stairs to the trains are.  Even at 8am when I would arrive in Toronto, you could smell baking so it screams Union to me too.  The other scent is Kensington and has an incense based scent.

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