Dollarama Halloween Nail Stickers & Decals

Cheap and Easy Halloween Nails From Dollarama Canada 2016 Halloween Nail Stickers

So remember earlier this week when I tried out some of the Halloween nail options from Dollarama? I found their full nail options to be decent for the price.  Well onto the nail stickers and I will start by saying, save your money!  The press on nails are definitely worth buying.  They have cute designs, don’t damage the nail – at least when a base coat is applied and they are not worn for too long.  The full nail stickers or wraps are good, if they fit your nails.  The stickers were just a let down which is sad as they have super cute designs.

Cheap and Easy Halloween Nails From Dollarama Canada 2016 Halloween Nail Stickers Spiders and More

Close up, you can see the “clear” part of the stickers.  I thought that it would disappear with a thick top coat but it is not 100% clear.  It has a slightly frosted look to it.  Sadly, this means that you can see even over polish, even white polish.  This is especially true of black which is what many Halloween stickers would be applied to.

Dollarama Halloween Nail Stickers Over Silver

Dollarama Halloween Nail Stickers Over Quo Silver

I tried them over various polishes and the ones they were least obvious on were greys and silvers since the frosted colour is close to them.  However, you can still obviously see that they are stickers.  While fairly flexible, the edges do not always lie flat on curved nails too.  Shown here with two coats of ProFX Supreme Gel top coat, which is the thickest top coat I own.

It is just a pity how painfully obvious they are.  I have bought cheap nail stickers before that manage to hide the edges better.  While they are cheap at just $1.25 a pack, I would go for one of the full nail options or take the time to stamp or paint on your nail art because you likely will not be happy with these.  If you are going to use them, I recommend a grey base colour with matte top coat to make it as close to the frosted colour as possible.

Read about the Dollarama full nail options for Halloween here.

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