Zoya Holo Gradient Nails For #31DC2016

31DC2016 Gradient Nails - Zoya Aurora Storm

31DC2016 Gradient Nails - Zoya Aurora Storm

Gradient nails using Zoya Aurora and Storm for #31DC2016

Working on a lighting system for winter when I get less natural light.  I think it looks ok but need to add a second light source as it is not quite bright enough for product shots and there are too many harsh shadows.  Works for nail pics though and since it was pouring rain when I did my nails, a good time to try it out.  Day 10 of the #31DC2016 challenge is gradient nails.  Which makes me think, why on earth did I do a gradient for the rainbow nails yesterday when I would have to do another one?

31DC2016 Gradient Nails - Zoya Aurora Storm - Macro

I decided on a holo gradient because I am over cremes at the moment (I cheated and did tomorrows post first).  The base is Zoya Aurora, a beautiful purple holographic polish then did a sponged on Aurora and Zoya Storm from the same collection.  Zoya Storm is a black holo polish and one of my favourite black polishes.  These are smooth with no texture other than a little bubbling from the sponge so one coat of Seche Vite worked for a top coat.

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