Mr Kettle Tea Chocolate Mint Rooibos & Mrs. Pot’s Apple Pie

Mr Kettle Chocolate Mint Rooibos Tea - Packaging - Hamilton Farmers Market

While shopping at my local farmers market, I noticed a new stall with tea!  Of course, I had to stop and check out the various tins of teas that Mr Kettle Gourmet Teas & Treats had to offer.  They had quite a variety of teas and the stallholder was happy to recommend teas based on our likes and let me take a sniff of everything!  I settled on trying the Chocolate Mint Rooibos and got a sample pack of Mrs. Pot’s Apple Pie too.

Mr Kettle Chocolate Mint Rooibos Tea - Packaging - Hamilton Farmers Market

I am a sucker for chocolate mint (still mourning the fact that Terry’s stopped making Mint Chocolate Oranges) and he generally likes most Rooibos teas I have tried, so seemed like the obvious choice.  Mr. Kettle’s Chocolate Mint Rooibos has noticeable chunks of chocolate and a fairly strong peppermint scent with a red rooibos tea base.  Unlike many new tea companies, the Mr Kettle teas I looked at did not have a lot of ingredients in the teas, keeping them basic but flavourful.

Mr Kettle Chocolate Mint Rooibos Tea

Mr Kettle Chocolate Mint Rooibos Tea - Hamilton Farmers Market

As you can see, a nice chunks of cocoa nibs fill this tea which is currently sold at $6.55 for a 50g bag, less than most DavidsTea teas so a definite bonus considering I make regular trips to the Hamilton Farmer’s Market where Mr. Kettle Gourmet Teas and Treats has a stall on Saturdays.  The peppermint is strong enough without being overpowering and the chocolate flavours melt into the rooibos base to give it a sweet minty taste.  Plus it is caffeine free, so I can enjoy it as a guilt free chocolatey treat at night.

Mr Kettle – Mrs. Pot’s Apple Pie Black Tea

Mr Kettle Mrs Pots Apple Pie Tea - Packaging - Hamilton Farmers Market

Along with my purchase of Chocolate Mint Rooibos, I got a sample pack of Mrs Pot’s Apple Pie black tea from Mr Kettle too.  They promise that it will be as delicious as Mrs’ Pots freshly baked Apple Pie!.  With golden brown, flaky pie crust and layers of tender cinnamon-spiked apples… homemade goodness in a cup.  It does seem to have a slightly buttery taste to it, mixed with apples and a hint of cinnamon and ginger – perfect for fall.

Mr Kettle Mrs Pots Apple Pie Tea - Hamilton Farmers Market

You can buy Mr Kettle teas online here or visit the Hamilton Farmers Market on Saturdays.  Follow Mr Kettle on facebook or instagram for news on any shows/new locations that may be closer to you as well as new teas.

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